RMS Mauritania

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    This isn't a paper model but it relies heavily on the JSC Mauritania kit for its colour scheme. The builder has scanned the card sheets, resized them and converted them to decals for a plastic kit. He's then also added 2000(!) 1/600 figures to the decks. Worth a look
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    RMS Mauretania Model


    Thanks for this most interesting link. Jim Baumann´s dazzle-painted Mauretania model is a very ambitiuos model project indeed, although it is a plastic model with the color scheme adapted from a card model.

    This page inspired me also to seek further information about the Mauretania and her sister ship, the ill-fated Lusitania, as well as the larger Olympic-class White Star Line steamers, the Olympic, the (well-known) Titanic and the Britannic.
    Modeling surely widens your horizons.


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