Riverside packing house … kind of …

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    Tetters, that’s so nice about modeling, you can allow yourself being distracted and enjoy it! :cool: It was much easier to solder the tubes together than I expected. The smallest piece (on the end of the longest tube) was the easiest to do. I did not cut the tube completely, so that I could bend it until it had the right shape and then soldered it. To solder the other parts, I fixed one tube with adhesive tape on the benchwork and held the other in position with some pliers – and then I hoped for the best :mrgreen:. I was lucky and only the piece that goes down the front wall, had to be done a second time.

    Gus, I’d be honored if anything I did, might have inspired you for your roundhouse. I know you’ll do a great job – looking forward to seeing it.

    Today I finished the roof. I decided to paint it gray, because it looks more like the prototype. Now only a few details are left to do.

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    It’s done!

    I added some details and I think it is finished. I may weather the roof a bit more, but I haven’t decided yet. The pics don’t show the subtle variations. I will post some more pictures of the packing plant on the WPF thread when the scene is finished. Thank you for stopping by :wave::wave:.



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    turned out real nice kurt
  4. tetters

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    The only thing I was thinking was on the brick wall you could put an old weathered poster or painted on signage.

    Just Excellent!
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    wow absolutly fab man, perfection
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    Incredible! That building looks great! It is amazing how much detail you put into your models. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful work with us!
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    That is going to make an excellent addition to your layout:thumb:.
    From begining to end, awesome job, my friend!
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    WHOLLY SMOKES KURT!:eeki::eeki::eeki: SLAP FANTASTIC JOB!!!:bravo: (as usual for YOUR work:thumb::mrgreen: ). :worship: VERY inspirational:worship:

    :deano: -Deano
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    Kurt, as always a great job. Your attention to detail and willingness to take on both large and small structures is an inspiration to us all. Fantastic, looking forward to seeing your future posts.


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