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  1. Bill Nelson

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    I have been a smaller rail is better guy for years but there is much more room electrical contact at the rail head on larger rail. code 100 probably has close to four times as much wheel/rail contact as code 55, and twice that of code 70, the smaller the rail, the more time you need to spend cleaning track.

    Bill Nelson
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    I would never go any smaller than 83. Have run it for years without any trouble and scale looks fine to me. Some people get carried away with "realism", and I'm a stickler for details, but not to the extent of taking the fun out of running. But the large Rivarossi flanges can give trouble on points even on code 83.
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    Bill, is your terminal track an actual terminal or just a rerailer? Check to see if it has metal pieces in the outlets. (Yes, I've made this mistake).
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    2-10-2 convert to DCC

    This is for Sawdust, I know it has been a year since you posted the pictures of your 2-10-2 on here. I was wondering if you have put DCC in it yet? I have the exact loco, board number and all. Is the motor almost flush with the back of the cab in yours?

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    Hey guys I'm kinda new when it comes to all of this but im hoping to expand my hobby just a bit. I cuurently have a christmas village roughly 18x4 looks like something between a thomas kincade painting and what would be a charles dickens village. I have the lionel polar express train set but im looking for more fastrack to expand. i have also seen layouts with moving cars and truck but i want to modify them to look like horse n buggies bu ti can t seem to find a slow enough slot car, at least it looks like a slot car, motor..i dont need speed i need slow movement. any help would be appreciated..thanks in advance

    the new guy
  6. Bill Nelson

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    Welcome in Mr new guy.

    a moving vehicle is going to be tricky. Slot cars, unless they have changed in the many long decades since I have messed with them, have integral motors and gears ( motors and gears built into the frame. this makes it hard to do any modifications, If there are commercial mods available, whey will be for more speed, and not less.

    With trains, the motors are separate, and can be replaced with gear head motors to get very slow smooth operation.

    One possibility might be making a horse powered trolley, which looked much like early electric trolleys, except for the horse in front Bachman makes a lot of stuff in On30 ( O scale narrow gauge 30 inches between the rails) This uses the same gauge (distance between the rails) as Ho gauge standard gauge, but in O scale ( 1/4 inch to the foot I think). I'm thinking most of the Christmas village stuff approximates O scale.

    The early On30 enthusiasts used HO scale mechanisms, now Bachman makes lots of stuff, greatly expanding what is possible in O scale narrow gauge. I recommend looking at this stuff, the detail is awesome, and it may end up looking much better than the lionel.

    Good luck, look around here, not enough traffic at this site, but there is a lot of good projects going on here and much to learn.

    Bill Nelson
  7. toptrain1

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    IMG_0779.JPG To add to this Rivarossi Thread a photo of the oldest one I have. A Southern Pacific Atlantic #3000.
  8. Bill Nelson

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    That is a nice Atlantic, I have an Atlatic in my shops, a heavy old Bowser pensy unit, not as hndsome as that unit (I'm not a big fan of Belphare fireboxes), but a monsterous heavy beast. I'm looking for a good motor to remotor it for use at the club with DCC. I'll photograph it next time it surfaces in the pile of stuff on my workbench

    Bill N
  9. toptrain1

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    This Rivarossi SP Atlantic was released by Rivarossi right after WW2 ended. The first 2 or 3 years it was made they had the handrails on the roof. Their is a Rivarossi sight that gives the correct info and covers them well. They have a very early plastic body made of bake-o-lite. It drive is almost the same as the Milwaukee Road streamline Atlantic.
  10. toptrain1

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    USA 663 2.JPG * Another Rivarossi locomotive from the same time period as the 4-4-2 is the French style 2-8-0.
    * A WW1 built for export French style 2-8-0. The loco #663 was leased for a short period of time to the CRR of NJ by the USRA at the start of the USA's entrance into WW1. It was done to help the CRR of NJ with their movement of War time material. Once Baldwin and the American Locomotive companies had converted the 200 Russian decapods for use on American railroads, these decapods were leased and the French style 2-8-0's returned to the USRA and then shipped to France to help there with the War effort.
  11. toptrain1

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    Here is another very old Rivarossi locomotive from made from the late 1930,s to early 1950's. It is a 0-6-0t and was released here by the HO Train CO and Aristo Craft. Mine is old and beat up and is usually found sitting on some back track or on the turntable track for the yard goat that is there to work the turntable. I use it to test the electrical pickup on track blocks that are giving bad performance.

    IMG_0949 - Copy.JPG
  12. toptrain1

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    IMG_1554 s.JPG IMG_1538 s.JPG IMG_1544 s.JPG View attachment 154252 * Now here is a locomotive with the heart of a Rivarossi. It started as one of their 4-4-0's. After the body was removed a new body was scratch built for it. The tender had a coal load added. CRRofNJ 4-4-0 #567. There was such a locomotive, that had this number, and looked just like this one. Can buy one, or get one. Then you make one.
  13. Bill Nelson

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    I like your camelback. I thought it was an old Riverossi at hart (I can see the pizza cutter flanges.) Having used cone 55, and 70 rail for many years I have cut down a lot of the flanges on my Riverossi 4-4-0s, and 2-4-0s I have remotored mine with motors salvaged from GM truck powered rear view mirrors, but those are unsatisfactory too. I have some NWSL can motors I want to try to fit one with, and if it is successful, I'll use them for all of my Tebder drive Riverossi's.
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    That is a beautiful loco!! :)

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