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  1. hellbringer17

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    Hey guys, I've been looking to make a Call of Duty model for quite awhile and while researching, I came across something which poses an interesting question: Can you rip a 3D model from a 3D screenshot like this:

    If so, what would be the best program that would allow me to do that?

    Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated. ​
  2. sirrob01

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    Nobody has replied and I maybe necro threading a bit :).

    As I understand the visual 3d we have at the movie's/tv/games at the moment it's not true 3d, it's more faked 3d. ie it's more like having 3 layers of plastic layered on top of each other for the fore/mid/background and then they run a 2nd slightly offset picture of the same scene and your brain interprets the 2 images as being 3 dimensional.

    So unfortunately no you couldn't grab any usable mesh from a 3d screenshot. I suspect you could export it from your brain while you were viewing the image if that was possible.

    If you meant extract the 3d mesh from the game engine that should be fairly easy with the correct tools :)

    Hope that helps some, I'm no expert so I may be a little off with my 3d explanation :)

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