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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Millenniumfalsehood, Nov 7, 2008.

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    not all sci-fi conforms to starwars tech, gravity plating as you refer too is widely used becaused its easier.

    however gravity plating is advanced stuff, its far easier and less expensive to have instead a moving section to in part gravity.

    this ring could be just that. :p

    like i said, simple.

    The second possible could be thats its a shield generator?
    stay with me here;
    this race/empire could have a fleet of warships, but they have one problem, no shields. shield generators are huge and expensive with current tech-levels, so to prolong ship-life in combat a special support ship was made to help protect the fleet.

    this ship turned out to be the aptly named ring-ship, its sole purpose to provide shield cover for the fleet was they approach the enemy fleet, until they can unleash there own devastating broadsides.

    :p not every ship needs to have one if everything, every ship needs a role, a niche in which it alone can do.
  2. Cool design!

    My first thought when I saw it was "wow, a Stargate Carrier - build to transport smaller ships from one SG Carrier to another. That way only one large ship has to fly a long distance in hyperspace, while any other craft can take the wormhole shortcut. Should be a great benefit in times of war to send enforcements...
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    Maybe the ring section is analogous to the Large Hadron Collider and is used to produce higgs boson particles.
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    I really like the stargate carrier idea. They had to get those stargates somewhere, somehow. This would be perfect. And the open landing bay stays perfectly usable, as long as the gate is not active. This could even be a fully automated ship. Other ships come through the gate for service and support as needed until the ship reaches it's final destination, then the teams come through for whatever purpose. All kinds of possibilities present themselves.

    Very cool design, and I'm very impressed by the inspiration. You have a great imagination Milleniumflasehood. I look forward to following your progress.

  5. Vortex_4200

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    any plans on building it??

    SEBRET Member

    Wow!!! Finally, another person who gets inspiration from off the wall places. Millennium, I think that design is awesome. The funny thing is that back in high school I would get bored alot and end up getting ideas from stuff like pens and other school supplies, although i proly took it alot farther than anyone else here, because i would usually mentally impose ship parts on them. People always say I have a very overactive imagination (far from it). Can't wait to see this reach completion. Lets me know there are others who see these kinds of things in everday objects.
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    Thanks, Sebret. :thumb: I just kept seeing that shape whenever I started my car, so I just had to draw it out. Then I got the itch to model it in CGI.

    Maybe. I really want to print it out and use the templates for a large (say 3 foot) plastic version which I can light and use my extensive greeble collection on.
  8. theres actually a new series coming out called stargate universe and it explains how the stargate network was created. and they actually used a ship wich created stargates and deposited them.

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