Rigging Lines

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    I got down to the Ship Chandler today, and the news isn't great. Most of the fittings I used to get are no longer produced, and the store has run out of most of that stock. The proprietor, Gus, told me that he gets almost all of his stock from Model Expo, and it would be easier for you to order direct from them.
    I guess it's been longer than I thought since the last time I was down there. Looks like I will have to scratch build my fittings from now on.:( :( :mad:
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    I bought 3 craftsmen KMP kits a few months ago , 1 sawmill, i collection of cook and bunk house and one spar tree.
    Thought i would post the spar tree diagrams in case it helps any one out.

    Sorry about the poor quality but you should get the jist of it...



    here the boom diagram...
  3. camelot

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    ok , trying again this time with attachment...


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  4. camelot

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    heres the yarder tree now.....

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    Thanks for those Camelot, they look good.
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    Good Stuff Ian, thanks!
  7. Matthyro

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    Thanks Ian, I need as much help as I can to develop my logging area. Your postings will be very useful.

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