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    Hello all.
    Ive never really tackled ship models, because I pretty much know nothing about any of all that rigging that you see on various ships, from all the "old timey" ones, to modern warfare ships of any and all nations that have ever had any kind of fleet.
    I see all that rigging and aerials everywhere and it immediately shuts me down, as I want to make the ship look reALLLY COOOl, and all that intricate miles of cable looks amazing.....in the picture, but since i dont have the first glimmer of a clue of how to start it, where it begins and ends..what connects to what etc, it intimidates me.....BUT...i found a few that I would LOVE to buidl for my nephews.
    Are there any kind of grids or templates that anyone knows of that can help with this..somewhere to start to get me familiar.
    Also...Ive been seeing some pretty cool spoked wheels on aircraft models that were spoked by hand with thread or something on somekind of loom i imagine. Is there a template for that as well?
    Thank you kindly everyone.
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    Templates for rigging

    Papershipwright has a template for making railings and ladders out of thread in their free downloads section, along with some nice free models.

    There are some excellent tutorials on making the spoked wheels. One is by Mirco, and there's another by Norman Gorn.

    Those should get you started and show you some techniques you can adapt to other types of ship rigging. There are probably others around for rigging old sailing ships and such. Try Googling something like "model ship rigging template".


  3. McGee

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    Thank you so much for your help. I need a big ol' duh hammer to the head for not thinking of the obvious and hugely ironic "internet search" seeing as that's is how I'm even here in the first place.hamr idea1
    Someone smack me, and if i get back up, thump me for that one. thanks again.
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    Make it two


    If you should be knocked out for that, than you'd better start a club, 'cos I'm in! Like Michael has sung, "You are not alone..." sign1 sign1 sign1
    But I guess it won't be just the two of us... :cry: :cry: :cry:
  5. McGee

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    Hahaha. I would bet it's true that many of us have had super No duh moments for doing something or not doing something at any one moment has been like breathing, on any other given day. Thank you. :thumb:

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