RFP 50' box car - my free time this past weekend

Discussion in 'Weathering Forum' started by railBuilderdhd, May 16, 2008.

  1. Here is what I did with my free time this weekend. I used all gauche paints for this so far. I airbrushed the white on then I sprayed it with dullcote then I hand painted the dark streaks on. I know I need to clean up the dark streaks on this but I would like to hear what others think of this. I really noticed with the photos on the computer as to how dark the streaks are now.

    I know I'm not working with a nice model but since its only my 3rd car I'm not ready to work on the better models yet.

    The work thus far

    The prototype I've kinda based my work on for this model
    And this will be the one for the second side and the way I will work the white doors
  2. logicman

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    That's a great job of weathering, railbuilder.

    You certainly have an eye for detail.:thumb::thumb::thumb:

    It's not too dark, by a long shot.
    It doesn't have to look exactly like your prototype, it just has to look realistic. And it does.

    A tip, if I may:

    When you come to weather the door, use lighter shades. If you use the same shades as on the body, you risk making it look overdone on the door.

    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  3. nachoman

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    Very nice!!

  4. bigsteel

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    very nice weathering job! the rust streaks look great!--josh
  5. COX 47

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    Great Job!! You nailed proto type!!....Cox 47
  6. doctorwayne

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    Generally, I think that it looks very good, although the run-off from the chalked lettering would look even better if it was placed more in relation to where it would naturally occur: the greatest concentration would be at the base of the vertical strokes of the "R", "F", and "P", with not quite as much, lengthwise, from the horizontal portions of those letters. All of the other lettering, presumably done with the same paint, would exhibit similar streaking, although much less-so. A little more thinner with the paint would probably achieve this. I think that the effect of the run-off is very well done, though, just the placement could be improved. :thumb::thumb: As for the darker streaks, they look just fine to me, and very close to what's in the prototype photos. Overall, I think that you've done a good job of this one and your "not so nice model" looks pretty nice to me. ;):-D

  7. I want to thank everyone for the nice comments and Wayne, you're right about hte placement of the streaks from the letters. Now I see what was looking funny to me all along.
  8. I got some work done on this model and you can see the photos in the album with the title "Phase 3" Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
    Love to hear what you think. I did a wash of dirt color to tone down the white and gloss of the model. I got the streaks to a color I like and I added the roof rust.

    UPDATE 5-20-2008: I did some weathering to the trucks and got some sunny day to take a few photos outside and I've added these photos.

  9. Biased turkey

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    Very detailed weathering job railBuilderdhd.
    It looks even better from the pictures of "Phase4 " you posted on photobucket.
    Nice trucks weathering too. A closeup pic of the truck wouldn't hurt :)


    P.S. about the streaks from the letters, I use a white artist's crayon . See my post "Fading Letters"
  10. Sorry I don't have any photos of the trucks and I can't get any now since I sold the model on eBay.

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