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    I just purchased some new Sharknose RF 18's on ebay. From ER models. sadly ER isn't in business no more, but when I get these units I plan to post my review on the post along with sharing some pictures of these. It is my goal to super detail these beauties when they arrive. With a little help with a friend that I met onthe gauge. I hope to achieve this goal. HOwever I do wish to share with you that they are listed as Brand New and are on ebay forannounce1 $40 each set (set=A-b) both are powered, This guy has multiple availble and with different road names. Check it out in the ebay listings by doing a search "rf 18" in the n scale section, just might find a set you want. This is why I LOVE ebay, altho it can be addictive!

    Shhh my wife doesn't know yet.sign1
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    WOW -- these pics bring back memories -- my Dad has and oooold HO model of a sharknose that I use to run under the Christmas tree when I was a wee lad -- but for the life of me, I can't remember the road name -- it was silver and blue, but beyond that...

    You just inspired me to start searching eBay -- I think I need to get a model of one of these beauties -- :LOL:
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    side note -- I was just rummaging thru eBay and Bachmann has these RF-16 powered A&B sets in NYC, B&O, Pennsylvannia, and Mononghela -- anyone got a review on these horses? I'm really interested in the NYC version...
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    Reviews I have seen are mixed. I have two ABBA Pennsy sets. My first set ran well although noisey. There are two causes for the noise. One is the fact these are geared very low and thus have a low top speed which is prototypical. Baldwin diesels were chiefly noted for their slow speed lugging ability. The second is that they need to be run on pure filtered DC. Using an MRC powerpack or any such throttle with a pulse feature will cause the motor to make noise. I run mine on an Aristocraft radio throttle [DC only] and there is no noise. The units pull well although I have never tested them to determine their full pulling ability. They have pulled my 40 car unit coal train on an Ntrak layout but that was with four powered units which is how I always run these. I have not tested what one engine will pull. These engines were made by Bachmann and like typical Bachmann stuff are loaded with grease from the factory. A good cleaning and relube will probably improve them somewhat. I run DC and cannot comment on DCC ability but I understand that they are less than DCC ready.
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    They are NYC's. later I'll try to do in HO scale. But for now these pups are very affordable, I thinking about getting another set...already. they have two version of the NYC paint scheme availble, currently I'm getting the lighting stripes I believe thats what they call them. hope this helps.

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    Remember the early Baldwins could not be MU'ed to other makes of diesels due to a mismatch in the controls. Baldwins had pneumatic controls the others had electrical. So if you see Baldwins coupled with other units they probably have separate crews as in the days of steam. This inability to MU with other models was a shortcoming and it also led to Baldwin units being teamed with other Baldwin units but not with Alco, EMD or FM's.
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    sorry Dan:( , i only have 2 poor quality pics of the NYC sharks with the "lightning stripes". i have a few NYC shark pics like the last prototype pic:thumb: . Dan, as i mentioned before, i think the sharks were Baldwins best looking loco's:thumb: , i have one in HO i have been going to finish for the last couple years:oops: , problem is, its just ONE of 5000 projects i have going and just keeps getting put on the back burner:rolleyes:tooth1 . THANKS!:D -Deano View attachment 29858 View attachment 29859 View attachment 29860 View attachment 29861 View attachment 29862

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    First I'll start off by saying sorry for not responding in timely fashion, I've been busy throughout the weekend. Ended up with a cousin at some Renisance faire, which was too much to see. nice but I didn't need to see things I saw and I'll leave it that way. :thumb:

    But anyhow, I am stil waiting on my units to arrive, perhaps by thrusday or friday I'll have them in my hands, I'll take them to the club to see how well they work. Then during the following weeks, if time and money allows, I'll start the super-detailing process. I can't wait to get them. I do have one question however, pertaining to the diaphrams, As to which ones should I be getting to fit between my units. I"ve so far seen them listed for the E/F/PA units. Does any one know which of these might replicate ones found on these baldwins and If any one has any sugguestions I'm all ears!

    Thanks. DAN
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    I will be following...

    ...this post fellas. My wife bought me a pair a sharks as a present a year ago. I have been looking at them on occasion- even got to run them briefly on a temporary set up. I can't wait to see 'em haulin' the coal drag I've been putting together for the past couple years.

    I would like to do something about the look of the grilles at the roofline. I know J-N-J has screens for them- I better get a pair. I just don't think it'll be anytime soon for their assembly.

    The sweet thing is that my wife bought the PRR paint scheme- the late one and it was just what I would have gotten for myself. She didn't know what a sharknose or RF-18 was. Her only concept of what paint scheme was that I grew up in Philadelphia.

    A-B-B-A or A-B-A or A-A, what ever, I'm ready!

    Anyway, I'm excited to see your progress.


  11. inkaneer

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    On Pennsy models ER painted the grilles on the side and the roof a silver color. As far as I know this is incorrect as I have never seen a photo of a unit with these area painted silver. I did see units with aluminum window frames which ER did not incorporate. There are other appearance issues with the PRR striping but theyare relatively minor. But the grilles strick out like a sore thumb. Fortunately there is an easy and inexpensive fix. Go to the craft section of your local Walmart or other stores that sell the Delta Ceramcoat line of acryllic paint. Get a bottle of the black green and paint the grills. The Ceramcoat has a flat finish but is almost dead on for DGLE as a match for the ER paint. I run my units in an ABBA consist so I replaced the Rapido coupler on both "B" units and the rear of the "A" units with a short "T" shank Unimate coupler #RNP 51000. That reduces the distance between units so that no diaphrams are necessary.

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