reworking athrean blue box GP40

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by ad356, Mar 6, 2005.

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    where on the internet do i obtain detail parts, re-gearing kits, repowering kits. i would like to add many details to this locomotive. i would like to add MU hoses, realistic looking grab irons and ladders. i would also like to re-gear the loco to run slower. i runs much to fast to be proto-typical; i feel. low speed operation could be improved. i feel that it is a quality product (i could make it prototypical, its a base for something better than out of box) and that i could improve on it and make it more that my atlass loco. i was wondering where i could find aftermarket parts for this peice. also where do i find information on the prototype. it is a chessie #4131. any help would be a appricated.
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    so you have one engine like it with the details? if so contact that company and tell them you want to see if they will sell you just the parts you are looking for.
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    The detail parts, easiest way to to that is go to your local hobby shop and check the details they have in stock, lots of detail companies out there, check the walthers site or walthers book for more.
    for more infor on the chessie #4131 check nice pic of it. could be better shots, just google search it chessies 4131 and start there.
    hope that helps
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    Here's a link to one # below it, details would be the same;

    As for parts Walthers is good but you'll pay list price but they usually have them in stock.
    Discounttrainsonline is another place for them, I've ordered from them and they are below retail on their prices. Try your local hobby shop, too.

    A Walthers catalog is invaluable for looking up items, has pictures of most parts.

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