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Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by bluecostas, Feb 5, 2005.

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  1. bluecostas

    bluecostas New Member

    Hi guys, just bought a new Revo which is being shipped from the states right now...

    was wandering what hop-ups i should get first.

    I've bought one of venom's failsafes,
    is it worth getting the temp guage also??

    are there any weak points which could do with immediate upgrading? suspension parts etc.

    want to try and prevent damage as much as possible....skid guards/plates?

    and which ones are good value/quality?

    someone on another forum recommended i get a new set of
    Hitec HS645mg steering servo's as the stock ones are plastic and strip easily. Would you agree with this?
  2. ty923

    ty923 Member

    bluecostas I also have the revo now for 4 mounths run it all the time. and i have not had any problems with the sreering servo's. i would recommend getting aluminum arms
    though!! i broke one going about 35mph head on it to a wall not paying any attention.the revo is great fun enjoy.
  3. bluecostas

    bluecostas New Member

    thanks, will have a think about it.
  4. bluecostas

    bluecostas New Member

    does anyone know the score with import tax??? was told by a guy on another forum that i may have to pay up to £100 import tax when it arrives!!!!
  5. gaz_r36

    gaz_r36 Member

    yer i got screwed for my pajero i cot me £89 and i only spent £180 so customs will screw ya#@$%off m8
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