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  1. Help! I'm having problem installing a reverse switch, to change direction of the train in various block. Does any one out there know how this is done, and how it is wired, It's about to drive me nuts, I tried every combinations and still doesn't change a thing.
  2. Take a look at the Wiring Basics page on the Beginner's Pages of the NMRA website.

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    Hello John
    Here's a quick diagram I did on the computer.
  4. Shamus: I want to thank you for the diagram, now my next questions is, do I have to double insulate all the blocks on the main line. I have already installed SPST toggles for the deferent cab controlle for the blocks
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    For complete block control you need DPDT switches not SPST, every facing point needs double insulation if you are using live frogs, it this this part which creates the block for a DPDT. The reverse loop needs insulation on both tracks either end also as per the diagram.
    If you still have problems, I will draw a double track track plan with a few turnouts in it and show where to insulate for the blocks, it's the turnouts themselves that govern where the blocks are, not just cutting the track here and there.

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    Hi John,

    Just post them here for all to see. If your photo's are just on your hard-drive, then you must first upload them to a host server like
    Sign up for a free 3 meg webspace, then upload your photo's to it. When that is done, it's easy enough to upload them here using the image tags []
    If you have problems, post reply here.

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