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    Just a bit of a recap here for your info. Sometime ago I posed a question regarding a problem I was having on a reverse crossover track. I made the crossover too short for my trains and with metal wheels on the rolling stock the Digitrax reverse manager would get very confused as the train passed from one end of the crossover to the next!!

    I was informed on this site that basically I was up the creek because crossovers MUST be longer then the train. I never read that anywhere before I started the layout but it sure makes sense when you think about it.

    I was provided with a solution by a local DCC guru. Since I could not physically lengthen the crossover track, I could lengthen the crossover electrical zone. In other words I rewired the crossover to reflect a longer reverse track on the crossover section and shortened the adjacent sub division. It worked wonderfully and now the trains just slide on through without any stalling.

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    Great news! Glad it's all worked out.

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    So...Did you re-gap a ways back from where the original gaps were..?

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