Reverisco Gnat VTOL and other stuff

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by cooey, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. cooey

    cooey New Member


    Just a short plug -- my new album's first pics are up. I've got a sci-fi VTOL, a couple of cottages and a chapel. I'm a new card modeller and would like to hear your feedback. Thanks!
  2. Eric Brown

    Eric Brown New Member

    Hey Cooey, nice work!
    I like the add-ons and basing and putting figures in the shots so we can get an idea of how the models would look on the table.
    BTW, I think the WOTC AD+D buildings are posted for free again.

    You should send a heads up to Reviresco about your vtol pics, I know that guy often wonders if anyone actually builds the free models that get posted, he must not get much feedback.

    Eric (squirmydad) Brown
  3. cooey

    cooey New Member

    Hi, thanks for the comments. I guess I should drop him a line. I've been downloading his stuff since I found the link at spacestation 42. I think I have the kits for a sci fi dropship, a floater bike, a victorian submarine, a ruined chapel and a steampunk rocket launcher. :)

    BTW, I'll be posting the VTOL again but in a different color scheme.

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