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    The South Australian replica of The Wright Flyer I has now achieved a flight of 85 metres and to my total lack of suprise has demonstrated comparable control problems to the original.
    The Wright brothers did not achieve a fully sustained and totally controlled flight until 5 October 1905 and that only after they had built and then rebuilt the Wright Flyer III. (I've even heard of it referred to as the Flyer IV)
    17 December 1903 is undoubtably the day to be commemorated as the day on which it all became possible.
    On the other hand I can't help but think it might have been better for the world's replica efforts to have been centered on the Wright Flyer III. This would have given us a truly flyable aircraft. And hey - it looks almost the same.
    A good account of the Flyer III is available as a .pdf download at

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    Video is promised later. Possibly that shown on TV locally this evening.
    click on
    John & Chris Delaney's World Record Flight !

    Notice that the right wing is already slightly low and this could not be fully corected.
    (The dreaded Wunwinglow strikes again :shock: )

    I doubt they'll be trying again tomorrow, 43ºC (109.4ºF) is forecast with a strong Northerly wind and a gusty Southwest change later as a front moves across. :)

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    Some video is now available

    Here's some trivia.
    I have met the builder briefly.
    The white haired wing walker is a genuine Bohemian who used to fly Avia 199 and Mig 15 in the Czech airforce. An outstandingly competent pilot and mechanic.
    At 44.3°C Saturday was the hottest February day ever recorded in Adelaide.
    But no cool change yet and still sweltering

    (I need a drink - make that several - :lol: )

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