respirator for airbrushing

Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by stary, Sep 5, 2006.

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    That one will work for painting, if it has the charcoal filter inside of the mask, which I think it does. Most respirators with replacable prefilters do have inner charcoal filters. Outer pre-filters are to catch the paint particles, while the inner charcoal filters, filter out or absorb the fumes. Hope this helps:wave:
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    In your other thread on respirators, you said

    Since you can't really tell from the description, and a quality respirator will only set you back $10 to $15 (about 5 bottles of paint) more than the eBay price + shipping, why not get something that you know will be right, rather than guessing?

    If you do not have a source close to you, I recommend They have two respirators at two price points that would be suitable, and their customer service will answer any questions you have. (I don't work for them, I am just a satisfied customer.)

    A side note for Dakota - Lee Valley also sells a dust mask with a replaceable filter, which should not be confused with a full respirator. You can't always tell by looking.

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    Andrew there is a EMSHA approved respirator that does have replacable filters they are screw in canisters that come in several different typs of usage depending on what enviorment you are in . the big draw back on them is the price if i rember the respirator and a genral filter is right at 50$:( and the canesters vary from 7$ to 25$ each depending on the type.
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    Thanks for the info. I was just pointing out that if one did follow my link to Lee Valley, they sell a dust mask with a cartridge type filter that should not be mistaken for a full respirator.

    Good point though about choosing the appropriate cartridge/cannister for the type of paint you are using.


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