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    I am embarking on a project to design and build a model of the Huygens spacecraft. I have two GIF files that depict the science deck, but they are in very slightly different scales. Does anyone know how I can go about making them identical in scale?
    I figure someone knows how to do it, but all I can find is questions regarding rescaling. I'm only needing to resize one of the pictures to match the size of the other so I can use them as a template.
    You can see the files here.
    Thank you in advance if anyone knows how to help! :mrgreen:

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  2. JT Fox

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    In photo shop have each image on it's own layer. Delete the background white so you can see both images. With one layer selected use "free transform" "scale". Make sure the "link" is selected so height and width scale together and then drag from the corner till it's the same size as thew other one.

    Make sure you move them apart before merge layers and save.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers JTF
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    Are there any other programs that can do this? I don't have access to Photoshop, although now would be a good time to go and get it, wouldn't it? :)
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    Try opening a copy of the lebre92f7c one in Paint and use the Stretch/Skew option in the Image menu to increase both the Vertical and Horizontal dimensions by 107%. Save it with a different file name (lebre92fc107 for instance). It looks like the disc part matches OK with the disc part of the lebre92f7d image.
    If 107% is not working to your satifaction, try other percentages.

    Any image editing program should allow you to change the size of an image. Print out the originals and measure the diameter of both then figure out the percentage that you need to change to get one to match the other.

    Always work on copies of the originals, never with the original. That way you always have the original to fall back on if you mess things up to much.

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    I'm just switching to the Gimp from another paint program:
    GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program

    If I can learn something new in my 60's ...

    To resize one object to match another (in most programs):

    open each in its own window -
    show grid lines to emphasise proportional size -
    double check both images have same dpi & colour range -
    use resize by a guesstimated percentage -
    use undo / resize until resize percentage is ok.

    save new version as different filename, just in case
    logicman is spouting garbage.

    Hey! Whaddya know? It worked!
    Resize done @ 108% - is that accurate enough?
    Added color dot to show which one suddenly got bigger.:thumb:

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