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    Cleaning/re-tinning 40 watt iron

    I have built a number of turnouts using the Fast Tracks jig. I use a Weller soldering station which maintains a constant temperature at the tip. It really speeds up the work because the station pumps out heat as needed to keep the tip at the correct temperature. I use 40/60 resin core solder. I don't use acid flux as is recommended by Fast Tracks. I always use a good iron clad tip on any pencil type iron. The tip can then be cleaned easily with a wet sponge. At most, I apply some fresh solder and then wipe the tip on the sponge to make it ready for use again. I don't use acid core solder with for this or any electrical type work. I doubt it would be good for the iron cladding on the tip. An iron clad type should never be filed of course because that will ruin it.

    Of course, the other solution to soldering problems is proper cleaning of the work. For making turnouts, I clean the PC ties and the bottom of the rail with steel wool. I do this right before I am going to solder the pieces. The copper foil on the ties will oxidize again in time, so if the turnout is not finished in one sitting, the parts may need to be cleaned again before the turnout can be completed.

    I bought the soldering station for about $100 because I was going to building turnouts for a club layout and it does really save time. However, you should be able to use a 40W pencil but I highly recommend you find a good iron clad tip for it. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use and keep clean if you have never used one before.

    I want to try resistance soldering also, because I need it to repair work on my brass engines. I am planning to build my own unit, but haven't had the time to play with it much.

    Hope this helps.


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    Can somebody tell me witch material the Americab Beauty Electrodes for Regular Resistance Tweezer are make and where I she can buy in Europe ?

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    Mainline modeler did an article several years back on building a resistance soldering unit. It was very informative, but the power output of it was a bit low, I built one per the article . It was fine for light work, like soldering detail pieces on & such. I then made another with about 3 -4 time the wattage , better but it still would nut solder heavy work like loco frames , almost did till the transformer smoked itself.
    Did you know that electronic products run on smoke ?? --- let the smoke out of them & they quit working!!

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