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    does anyone have any knowlegde of working with resin or know were to find how to work with resin castings? thanks
  2. Railery

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    There is an Article in the Jan.98 MR pg.94, using Alumilite, super complete casting kit.
    There is an Article in the Nov.98 MR pg.106, showing molds and casting again with Alumilite Resin.
    Some of the igedients for molding change names per country and some ingredients are only sold in the States. Most of the articles are for the States but i do have some Canadian ones. i will try to find both. i know a chap who does it his own way and it is very simple i will try to look him up too.
    Maybe i can make an article on the different types of resins to use. There are a few different techniques or maybe some other modelers can add their own technique. Over the years i've researched this subject, i just have to find my notes [​IMG] I have never used molds but i sure plan too.

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