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    I've been studying up on the subject of resin casting and am considering making some relay boxes for my small n-scale shelf layout.

    Attached is a photo of the prototype box on the local RR.

    After completing a scale drawing, I now realize how darn small this thing is in n-scale! Now I'm wondering how to make an accurate master?

    I was originally thinking of sheet styrene, but the fine details have me stumped so then I thought about sculpting instead.

    My wife recently did some work using Super Sculpy polymer clay that is sculpted then baked to a hard finish.

    Has anyone tried this material to construct a master for resin casting and if so, how did it work out?

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  2. philip

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    check this?

    Gerry: I did a thread on HO Tunnel Portal carving...check that thread "In scratchin and bashin". Your relay box is so small use the Balsa III. The III is rigid enought to hold up to the filing and scribing of small parts.

    When you cast the master use some of the products from MicroMark Co. Don't use the latex.. "its more trouble than its worth" Welcome to the "GUAGE"

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    Makin' masters...

    I've been planning some cast pieces of my own. In my case for On30...

    I discovered through other sources that the two part epoxy "rope" makes an excellent master to make molds from.

    Check the local hardware store in the section that has caulking and adhesives. You should find two part epoxy putty that looks like a short length of rope.

    It should only cost a couple of bucks.

    Cut off a short lenght with a sharp knife and kneed it together until you get the two colours fully blended together.

    Then shape and carve it until you get as close to the finished product as you can.

    Allow it to fully cure, then do some final touch ups with sanding and scribing.

    You can fill spots with more epoxy, or squadron green putty if you make mistakes.

    Once the master is complete, go ahead and make your mold.

    See the thread Need technical assistance.... And more specifically the link Castings for more information....
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    Most of your details stick "out" of the building (i.e. into the mold), so if you make the main structure of styrene or the other materials suggested, could you make the mold off it then carve the details into the mold? Hinges, vents, etc.? Just a thot, dunno how hard that stuff is to work with.
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    Thanks to all for your suggestions. I was intrigued with the suggestion about 2-part epoxy putty. I located some in the local lumber store and I'm going to give it a try.

    Stay tuned...

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