Resident Evil Video Game Mansion Paper Model?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Toys' started by Sniper Viper, Mar 28, 2010.

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    Hey guys, new to the forum, but have worked with paper/card models in the past (some 10-15 years ago). I honestly thought it was (unfortunately) a dying art form at the time. Until a couple days ago, that is :) A recent resurgence in interest has brought me here (thanks mainly to Jan Rükr's Aliens & Wipeout kits, among others), & while browsing through all the kits available from regular people with the proper skills & know-how, I am reminded of an idea I had years ago that I thought would be cool (& I'm assuming should be easiest to make in paper/card model form) - a complete mansion from the original Resident Evil game. My thought is it would be sort of like a 3D house model, where you can pull off the roof/floors in sections to see the interior design beneath.

    To be honest, at this time, I know little of the process & programs used to create card models (which is sad as I work with CAD everyday), but I'm sure some of you are way more familiar with it than I, so I was wondering if such a model could be accomplished?
    No doubt this model would be massive once completed. I would imagine the wall/floor/etc. decor could be pulled directly from the game, or if not, someone familiar with Photoshop could recreate it from reference. The exterior mansion design/reference material is limited from what I remember, but honestly I'm more for the inside build. The outside could be completely fictional for all I care (it's already fiction :)). There are enough doors & windows on the mansion perimeter to get a feel for what the outside may look like.

    Just trying to get an idea from the pros as to how difficult creating this model would be...or perhaps I'm just throwing the idea out, hoping someone will take on the challenge :) Either way, this is something I always thought would be a fun build, if one had the time & resources to create the model.

    Thanks in advance for the responses.
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    This brings to mind a role playing game called"Call of Cthulu" when you could by a game pack including halls and floors of dread mansions.I even collected the white metal figures from the Games Workshop.To get to the point,I used to see 3d miniature sets for Dungeons and Dragons(similar idea different format),wouldn't your basic idea run along the same lines?
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    If I might make a suggestion go check out ravensblight and give the site owner a shout - he might be willing if references can be provided - its right up his alley!
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    Thanks for the replies, guys:

    @ LeeSCo
    Honestly I never thought of having an RPG element to it, but that is an interesting idea for sure. I have an old Hero Quest board game that was designed in such a way. Having it in sections like you say would make it easier for that purpose, as well. In my case, I would be looking for something made purely for a scale model/diorama purpose, which can be removed in sections to view each floor, but would be stacked back together again to represent the entire mansion. For the scale I would be looking at, if I were to come up with a figure scale reference, maybe 10-15 MM? Though being a paper model the print scale can likely be adjusted to fit anyone's tastes. I have a nuclear power plant paper model from when I was first into the hobby some years ago, which utilizes cut-away sections to show the interior within on some of the buildings. It's more similar to that concept, but instead of cut-away sections, just design it to where the floors can be removed from one another. It may even be too big for just sectioning the floors, & possibly having to section the mansion wings as well (west wing, east wing, etc.). My idea would be for it to look like a complete mansion from the outside (when stacked), just with the addition of all the details on the inside, too.

    @ cgutzmer
    Thanks for the link, Chris; those are some very cool models I've never seen before. I will indeed contact the site owner & see what he says. He may even be able to incorporate a gaming element to it as LeeSCo has mentioned above.

    Thanks again guys for the great ideas.
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    Hey Floyd. Seems all paper model junkies find the same places sooner or later :mrgreen:.
  8. Sniper Viper

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    Thanks very much for the input & links, it really helps to see it as a completed project to get a sense of the preferred scale (may go smaller than 28mm scale, but the same exact method you used will likely be applied).

    Thanks again for the help
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    Glad I could help. If you have any questions when you start your build feel free to ask.

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