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Discussion in 'Model Rail Operations' started by Kim Paynter, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. Ken Clark

    Ken Clark New Member

    On30 use's the same gauge of track that is used for HO, I use a mix of PECO narrow gauge track and whatever HO flex track I can get cheap. The engines that
    Bachmann offer will operate on an 18in radius (if space is a problem) I am trying to stick to a minimum radius of 24in for better looks on curves. One day may tackle a
    Rio Tinto (Brazil 2½ ft gauge 2-10-2). Have been meaning to checkout some HO 2-6-0s, that would be closer (wheel spacing) to represent the K&S #1&2, also the BACHMANN 4-6-0s to represent the Oeste de Minas (Brazil)inside frame (again 2½ ft) engines.
    I don't get North to Edmonton very often, no idea of which shops may carry ON2½
    "Trains & Such" here in Calgary carries a good supply of Bachmann. For discount pricing "Caboose Hobbies" Denver Colorado is good place to look at.

    Unless building's are adjacent to the track, I will use whatever scale of building to add prespective to the layout. Have a couple of S scale buildings (scratchbuilt)that oneday will be added to the layout, plus a few HO ones.

    Ken Clark
  2. Kim Paynter

    Kim Paynter New Member

    So Ken do you buy lots of stuff off the internet?

    If so how do you find the cost of the item by the time you get it here into Calgary?

    I was thinking of trying to buy some stuff out of the states but was thinking by the time I got it here it would be about the same as in the store anyways!

    I get down to Calgary atleast half a dozen times a year I'll have to check out that trains and stuff store.

  3. Ken Clark

    Ken Clark New Member


    Have not bought much lately, busy dispossing of items. I usually order from Caboose
    Hobbies, saving up for a few<G> of the Bachmann 2-8-0s. Price wise can get two for the price of one locally. Have had good service from them.

    Next trip down South, contact me 403-686-1779, could get together for coffee.

  4. Kim Paynter

    Kim Paynter New Member

    Oh yea I went to there web site and I say they sure do have lots of stuff in larger gauges. I havent bought anything out of the states since before free trade and that was back when I was living in Calgary. It was a SCSI HD controler card seems to me it was not quite double what it was in canadian dollars by the time I got it into my hands but our dollar was probably 15-20 Cents weaker back then.

    Hey I have been messing around with that track planing softwear and I drew up my dream layout in a 20 X 24 room then I noticed that the main area could be seperated out and built in a 12 X 16 space so I have really been fine tunning this. I basicaly started out drawing the yard in Kaslo then re-posisioned a few tracks to make things fit onto some sheets of plywood. And I'm realy happy with how things turned out I liked your idea of running the track up behind and around the back side of Kaslo. The only way I can get a small enough image to attach is to tak a picture of a printout with my palm Pilot

    You cant see the colors that well but you know the way it was originaly layed out. You see where that track just ended by the tressel into Kaslo I'm thinking running that under ground back to the train house (I'll put that corner of the building up against the mountainside and run a tunnel right back out of it. and the other track (red can be the one that goes up and starts to wind around. Probably try and drop a few inches of elevation on the way down to the dock and station as well.

    Yea that G scale stuff looks nice and my wife is right into gardening as well but I would hate to have to take up the track each fall.

    Yea maybe in April I'll be down there maybe meet up and have a coffee then I'll be taking this layout i'm working on down to my father inlaw then.


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  5. Ken Clark

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    Interesting track plan, like the idea of taking the town spur and forming a loop connecting with the Kootenay Ore Mill spur. The South leg could? have been built to access the mines around Ainsworth & the Hot Pool (tourist), the North line could have run to the Quarries at Marblehead.The addition of a passing track would allow North/South trains to pass. I would suggest moving McGuigan passing track further to the edge (bottom) as when trackage came off bridge the passing track started. Could also improve access for derailments. Rockwalls (protoype)along this section would help seperate this line from Kaslo yard. Personally I would stay away from the trackage forming a returnloop through the engine terminal. A train of cars appearing/disappearing via the engine house might raise a few eyebrows. <G>.

    Had hoped to be in Australia in April, but decided as I plan to sell my place to get some work done on it. Look forward to hearing from you next trip down to Calgary.

  6. Kim Paynter

    Kim Paynter New Member

    Australia sounds nice, My parrents travel to New Zeland every winter, (I have a sister living there now.) The fishing allways seems to get good where my parents say in March and April, So if your into that I would assume the same for Australia.

    RE loop through the engine house. Your right it woulden't look that good coming out of an engine house with a bunch of cars in toe. And it's probably not a good Idea to burry a switch inside a mountain, you must know every bend in that railroad by heart to know that was the passing track at McGuigan I was thinking that I could get enough elevation comming out of Kaslo and starting to incline up right after that last switch for the narrow gauge storage line. To get that tresses at McGuigan built into the corner of the layout behind the engin house. I was wondering if that dashed line went up into town and if there was any trackage right into town or if the people had to walk out to the station down by the lake shore. Anyways it looks to me like the town site was up on a bit of a bluff and there is a bridge joining upper and lower Kaslo. do yo know if this is the case or if it is just a steep run up to a ridge that seperates upper and lower parts of town. (Lucky for me I have lotsa time before I start this setup.) I may have to take the wife out to the Slocan for a few days this summer. She probably wouldent mind being left at Ainsworth for an extra day.


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