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    Ok, I found some templates to build paper Games Workshop tanks made by a fellow who goes by Bile. They are in .gif format & they are HUGE for 28mm, I think in the current size they would be more like 54mm. Anyway, he says they should be printed at 26.0 cm high and 18.5 cm width. My problem is though that I don't have anything at my disposal besides typical paintbrush, works & wordpad. Could someone help me out here on how to do this? I mean, besides redrawing them in proper scale myself of course. Any assistance here would be great.


    P.S. I am new to this forum but not to card models, I scratchbuild my own designs outta card all the time, though I usually print on standard paper & then glue the templates to cereal box card since mine are for wargaming they need that extra weight & sturdiness to them.
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    It seems your size is twice as big as you want it and you are not looking for an exact scale correct? If a close approximation is good enough....

    Open it in paint
    choose image at the top and choose stretch/skew
    change your horizontal and vertical to 50%

    that should get you pretty close!
    p.s. welcome to the fold and let me know if that worked for ya.
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    If paint will open a gif file, all you need is Stretch/Skew and a bit of math...
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    You should be able to do this in Paint using the stretch / skew feature.
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    Help in rescaling this


    i was just wondering if you guys can help me rescale this 1:268 JMSDF Kongo into 1:200

    Heppoko paper model studio

    Can somebody give me some tips? I need to be spoonfed here because I'm not knowledgeable in computers...and I suck at math :cry:

    All that I know is, this JMSDF Kongo is 1:268 and Ineed it to be in 1:200.amd that's it. :cry:

    Can anybodyhelp?

    Here are the specs of the real JMSDF Kongo

    Length: 528.2 ft (161 m)
    Beam: 68.9 ft (21 m)
    Draft: 20.3 ft (6.2 m)

    Anyway, when we've figured out the length of the JMSDF Kongo in 1:200, how long should I add to the 1:200 JMSDF Kongo to make it into a 161 m ship?

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    You are going to need to scale up the model by 134% to make it 1:200. It's a simple calculation: 268 / 200 = 1.34 = 134%.

    To deal with this problem in a simple way, you will encounter two problems:

    The first problem is that at that size, it will no longer fit on A4 or Letter-size paper. The simplest way would be to get some A3 or 11X17 card stock and print it scaled up 134% at a copy shop.

    The second problem is how to print it scaled up. The printer driver on my Canon inkjet printer has a feature in Page Setup called Scaled Printing. I can choose between 20% and 400% scaling. Not all printer drivers have that feature, however. For example, the HP color laser printer I have at work doesn't.

    Another possibility is to extract the graphics directly from the PDF and save them as a JPG or other image type. Using a graphics program, you could then scale them up, rearrange the parts onto A4/Letter size sheets and then print. Unfortunately this particular PDF is secured and won't allow you to directly extract images.

    There is no simple answer for this one that I can see, and at 11 sheets in size, it will take a lot of manipulating to get what you want.

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    P.S. (couldn't get Edit to work to add this to my previous post)

    A 161m ship at 1:200 scale will be 161 / 200 = 0.805m = 80.5cm (= 31.7") long.
    At 1:268 scale, the model will be 161 / 268 = 0.601m = 60.1cm (= 23.7") long.

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