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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Hank McCoy, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Hank McCoy

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    Hello, I'm a new member. I'm interested in how one re-scales an existing card model. I'm not happy with enlargements on a photocopier and although I work in 2d computer drawings on a daily basis, I'm not familiar with what else is out here for scanning, file conversion, etc. Any help appreciated.


    Try opening your PDF with preview or any photo program and load it to
    Total disclosure: I've just started playing with this myself.

  4. Erik J

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    An enlarged PDF image could be too big for your home printer, so it would have to go to a Kinko's or similar store and cost a bunch to get printed.

    Do this- use Adobe Acrobat (not the Reader) to export the PDF into individual PNG pages. Open each page in a good graphics editor (I like my ancient Paint Shop Pro 5) and rescale it. I trim off excess borders, also. For home printer use copy and paste those enlarged parts, one at a time, onto a blank files at the same resolution and color level. Big models can have a part across two sheets, so have some part overlap. Cut and butt splice those parts together with a glue strip underneath. Another way is in Acrobat Reader (or any another PDF reader) to save screen captures of PDF page parts and cut & paste those images back together into a bitmap file of that page. That would take a 'how to' series of posts to explain in detail, which I could put together if you want it.

    - Erik
  5. brock uppercut

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    or you can abjust the settings before printing them in the advanced properties . there should be a percentage that you can adjust

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