replacing light bulbs on an Atlas GP-30

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by PennCentralFan, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. I've taken apart and done minor work with Bachmann F-7As and Lifelike trains, but this GP-30 (Penn Central) looks like it could be a little more difficult.

    It looks like I can just pull off the body and the body nose, but the walkaround and handrails looks like it could make it more difficult.

    Has anyone does this before? Any tips? My favorite loco.
  2. sputnik

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    Actually, the body and "nose" are cast as one piece.

    First, the body, walkway, and handrails come off of the frame in one piece (like the Bachman shell off it's frame). Simply work it off, there are no hidden catches or anything, just don't force anything. The fuel tank is it's own piece, and it simply snaps onto the frame, and comes off with a gentle twist. On Atlas/Kato engines, there are no light bulbs, but rather LEDs, which are soldered to small PC boards. Remove those boards by simply pulling them out. If you want to change LED colors, the easiest way is to order PC boards with the desired color (white or golden-white) from the parts section on Atlas' web site.

  3. Thanks, it worked out okay.

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