Repairing a Dremel Tool

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Stev0, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Stev0

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    Not sure where to post this but here we go...

    I have a Dremel Multi-Pro Model 395 Type 5 and having it in a tool box that had picked up some moisture has caused it to no longer function.

    I disassembled it and from inspection there seems to be an amount of rust around the collet and below but everything within seems fine.

    Has anyone had the same thing happen to their Dremel or like tool? Any sites which one can go to to figure how to repair it?
  2. Bowdenja

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    StevO........... check the rotor and make sure there is no rust on the brushes.

    Make sure the area that the brushes ride in on the rotor are clean.

    Make sure the brushes move on their springs.

    These are usually the things that make any electric motor stop.

  3. Fishcarver

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    Steve: John is on exactly the right track. Here is a little more, if the tool is not seized up entirely:


    2. Remove the motor brushes from the tool. Plan on replacing them with new ones. (in your case, Dremel Part #90930 motor brushes.

    2. Remove all obvious moisture from the tool ( I don't know how deeply dipped it was, OK? :) ) If in doubt, , blast it with compressed air.

    3. Spray a VERY SMALL amount of WD40 (1 squirt) into each of the the brush openings and spin the armature so that it rotates freely by hand. Also, use a sparing amount of WD 40 to remove all visible rust.

    4. Put the tool in a warm, dry, sunny indoor place (like on a windowsill) and leave it there for a full day so that it dries out.

    5. Reinstall the brushes and try it. If no go, then you need a new tool.

    Let me know if/how this works. PM me here if you wish, or through my website.

    For more info, go here:

  4. Bowdenja

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    Thanks Jim............... I should have said the un-plug thing........... but.............. I never think.


    StevO.............. yeah let us know if you get it going.

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