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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by lunarhighway, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. lunarhighway

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    hi all

    Reading some posts on the site related to repaints, i suddenly had some ideas i'd like to bounce of the group (if you don't mind :) )

    I guess i'm one of these people that can never build a model without adding some (or a lot of) details, or changeing the colour's.
    So maybe it would be a good idea if some designers destribute a blank version of their models along with the colored ones?
    this would make it easyer to repaint, and maybe in the case of free models and with permission even enable people to share their work.
    This idea seems especially feasable when you look at the the flightsim scene where repaints are a hobby on their own.
    The big difference here is of course that we can't separate the "skin" from the kit, making it difficult or impossible to legally disrtibute repaints of comertial models, so we can't repaint comertial models (for other than out own use). But approved repainted free kits would be a nice way to improve the arsenal of free paper models available now.

    Also events like "re-painting competitions" might be something nice to try...if it doens't exist already( ? )... Where a blank kit is given out, and people have to colour and (re)build it to resemble a version of the real thing. people who like recoloring models can share their efforts, and people who just like building will have a good choise of different models afterwards... this might not start a revolution in card modeling, but i guess it could be nice to try once.

    i'm designing some models so if someone likes the idea i could provide "blanks" as well then i finally manage to finish them.

    anyway this seemingly bright idea suddenly struck my tired mind, maybe others have different ideas about it?

    happy modeling in whatever way you like:)
  2. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Actually you have struck a cord near to my heart. There are very few kits that something hasn't been repainted in one way or another. I love marek's aircraft kits his designs are just the right balance of ease of construction and detail and they can be repainted to some of the neatest aircraft. His Me-109e is a great base for recoloring to some of the coolest color schemes in the old Luftwaffe. Some edit programs are neat in that after you scan in your kit, you can repaint them by either "brute force" just taking the color fill and changing the individual colors or doing a find edges command and it dumps all the color leaving you with a plain line drawing. Leaving the electronic kits unlocked or blanked would be a great idea however, this does leave their work open to pirateing and I for one would rather do it the hard way than take away from their hard work. That said if they are willing, and most of them can be contacted thru here than a repaint contest or even a catagory would be kind of neat.
  3. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    This sounds intriguing, particularly to one who spends more time on the keyboard than the cutting board. Let's take this to the next logical about a contest for full-blown, original designs, using the "open-source" rules for the submissions...once the design is entered, it becomes available for any use, etc....maybe with a proviso that a chain of credit must accompany the resulting files....and who is going to submit a model of a penguin? :twisted:
  4. pixelkeg

    pixelkeg New Member

  5. lunarhighway

    lunarhighway Member

    thanx for the ucm link pixelkeg! i was wondering if something like this existed. It seems prommissing, and i do hope it will become more widely used, the decal option is a nice feature as well. but unless i'm mistaking there's no program available yet, to creat models in this format.

    Since it's always possible to create a blank version of the model and import that into traditional graphic software this format doesn't stand in the way of traditional repaints, so despite my reservasions towards the "few mouseclick" repaint method i'm quite entousiastic about this.

    on the other hand i still like to idea of starting with a blank model and seeing it getting painted by us all each using our own techniques and tallents...

    I'll include a white version with my next model altough it will be a while before it'll come out...
  6. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Just an idea............and I don't want to step on anyone's toes..........but do you think we could ask Nobi to do this to his latest planed model?!!! You know put out the IDF markings and maybe do a plain vanilla one we could all jazz up ourselves. I would be willing to pay the extra for the model. AND his models are beautiful but easy!
  7. RyanShort1

    RyanShort1 Member

    Ah, sounds like a winner of an idea to me, but could it be a civillian aircraft such as an airliner or a private aircraft...?

    Also, could the intial format be something common such as .bmp or .jpg so that it could be used with various graphics setups?

  8. RyanShort1

    RyanShort1 Member

    To clarify, I really don't mean that it would have to be a civillian aircraft, but that would make such a contest more unique.

    Some suggestions for such a build/repaint contest:

    As always aircraft for which a LOT of paint schemes are readily available such as P-51, C-47, Bombers, Post-WWII jets such as F-80, F-84, F-100, etc.

    But my personal favorite would be the Boeing 737, With a -200, -300, and -700 option available...

  9. Al hazlet

    Al hazlet Member

    There IS a tutorial on making ucm images, I've read it but lacked the free time to try, but several designers (enthusiasts, not commercial genii like Yuki or some of the masters on this list) HAVE posted ucm mods on the Ebbles Minis forum.

    If I understood the description, UCM models are actually more like a set of layers, and the decals and the coloring is variable for pre-set (by the artist) areas (the layers can be turned on or off, colored or not colored). Within the limits the artist allows, anyone can vary the model. Think of John Dell's P-51 collection at Fiddler's Green, where instead of 8 models you buy one model you can print out in 8 or more liveries...

    There are freebie ucm models and the ucm viewer software on the Ebbles site, I've played with coloring and built two of the models for wargames terrain. I would recommend the concept for a look.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member


    Hey guys,

    Before I found card modeling I was and still am, deep into plastic models. As anyone who builds many kits knows, sometime you buy a kit with no decals, heck, you can even order them from dealers "sans the decals" these are called "bag kits" they dont come in a box.
    Anyway, I discovered a product for making my own decals very similar to the ones which come with the pastic kits. I buy it at the local wal-mart in the craft dept. its called "decal-it". ir has the consistancy of white glue but dries clear. I find on the computer (usualy in google images) an insignia, fighter wing group number or "stars and bars" for the wings and fuselage of my plastic planes that I would like to have on my plane and print it out. I then coat the printed image per bottle instructions with the "decal-it" allow to dry and then use as you would any other "wet application" decal, the paper peels away from the set up "decal-it film" while the image stays on the film....just like a regular decal.
    The upside of this method is that you can print just about anything you see and make it a water soluable deal, and you can make it as large or small as you wish when combined with photo editing programs before printing.
    Anyway, just thought i would share this little trick I learned many yrs ago.

  11. Leif Oh

    Leif Oh Member

    Gee, Dubbya, that sounds like something I've been longing for! Here's my thought:

    Robert Kaelin invented (or at least perfected) a technique of making card models where colour was supplied by using coloured paper. I guess it was by necessity, working from simple black-and-white hand-drawn originals, copied or printed very cheaply. Anyway, the technique has its advantages, since it enables you to sand away at seams and joints to make them almost invisible.

    Of course that technique is mostly suitable for aircraft which had simple colour schemes, like the yellow Piper J3 Cub, or perhaps an Aeronca C3 with fuselage in one colour and wings in another.

    Even so, there are always those odd little pieces of colour that ought to be there, like the manufacturer's logo, etc.

    With your technique that should be eminently possible. Thank you for the tip! Any info on maker, retailer, etc?


    PS (edited in): On the other hand I now realize that ink-jet decal paper is probably the way to go. Never used it, but it seems simple enough. Here's an instruction I stumbled onto, while searching for the product you mentioned, GW. Price is less than a dollar per sheet, comes in packs of 20 or 25.
  12. lunarhighway

    lunarhighway Member

    I only had a very quick look at the usm format so far, and i haven't found out exactly how to make the actual files yet, but indeed it seems to be based on a number of layers, and what is sometimes called "alpha maps" wich determin what is shown and what not. does anyone have a link to the actual tutorial? would be much appreciated :) all i found where some references to some kind of compiler that is being developed. but i must have overlooked the right info in my haste.

    on the other hand , as we're on the subject of real and virtual decals, i remembered there are already some US insignas available in the parts bin. I'll try to save the markings separate too next time i make an airplane model , so they can go there also maybe... it would be nice if there was some kind of "decal archive" where you could get things like aircraft markings, all these safety stencils, and maybe things like cool unit markings or actual nose art.... but i imagine things like sponsor stickers for racing cars might go there too...

    I only used "decals" once on a paper plane... the markings where printed separate on very thin but otherwise ordinary paper and than just cut out and glued on with thinned white glue, and secured with a little glue over the "decal". it worked pretty nice... the thickness of the paper is hardly visable... so it might be a low-buget, but effective alternative to the interesting products mentioned above. (the results can be seen in my galery on the avia)
  13. gera

    gera Member

    Good Idea..............I have RE-Painted some kits with my paint program (Photoimpact) and they have come out very nice, check the Saeta and Caproni 101 in my album. If you have a good painting program its practically a question of working slowly and a lot of patience. Good reference material is essential. :lol:
  14. Leif Oh

    Leif Oh Member

    Lunarhighway (what an akward name, by the way - don't you have a slightly more personalized handle we could use...?), thanks for confirming that thin paper might also be used. I remember buying a book of ultrathin paper expressely for that purpose once. Now I'll try it with more confidence. Does it print alright in the inkjet printer? - L.
  15. lunarhighway

    lunarhighway Member

    gera: your repaints look realy good! the camouflage is very well done. the perfect airbrush like effect is one thing that got me exited about paper models, after strugeling with an airbrush...hasardous paint fumes, a noisy air compressor ,an airbrush that needed cleaning everytime, and the risc of ruining hours of carefull building of a plastic plane by pressing the trigger a bit to hard.... now i just press ctrl-Z and all evil becomes undone:p

    leif oh: sorry for the long name, you can call me anything you want :) my real name is Jan (pronounced almost like Ian where i live).

    The thin paper worked quite well in my inkjet... any printer setting that doesn't uses to much ink should come out nice... the paper was marketted as inkjet paper in the first place anyway.
    I originally purchased it to draw an animated cartoon on, because it would be easyer to see the previous drawing trough with a backlight. But the pegs used to hold it in place would to rip trough unfortunately. since the animation consisted of hunderds of drawings i'm now very well stocked with the stuff, hehe.

    Be carefull though as dark underlaying colours might show trough white areas slightly especially in combination with the glue... nothing dramatic really as it has a bit of a "wheatered" look now, wich i prefer anyway. this can also be an advantage as, on the bottow wing, i could see the panel lines shining trough. On another model that i gave away, i retraced these with a thin pencil line, and that looked quite good. Another thing that came in handy is that i was able to warp the decal of the tail flag around the edges as you can see in the bottom left square of the scan... i just used some glue to make the paper a bit soppy...

    The plane shown here is in 1/72 and the edges may look a little crude on the top wing but if you look at the model 20cm away you really can't tell... on the 1/48 scale version of this plane i build for a friend, i did a better job, the trick is to cut the edges as sharp as you can. i also think the bigger the scale the less you'll notice.

    this plane great free came with a whole set of digital decals btw, that's how i got the idea of doing this version in the first place!

    happy modeling

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