Renova Model Ładowarka kołowa Ł-34

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  1. Okies lets try this....

    After seeing the Renova model #004 some time last year i got it set in my head i was going to build this thing one day!

    So after waiting patiently for it to arrive on my doorstep i had a quick look through it and very quickly decided that i would NOT be able to build it with my current skills..

    So what now? ...
    Well i was not going to let my hard earned money go to waste,so i decided to try and re scale it to a bigger size and give it a try.

    All i have done is scanned all the pages and then i packed away the original (for possible re sale) at a later date..

    So anyway ive scanned all the pages and all i have done is opened each page in illustraitor and rescaled the image to 150%, that makes it 1/18 scale (i thinks?)..then just printed of the fresh pages ,4 or 5 were needed per page to get all the parts,i have not done any other editing to the images, so they have not printed as original colours but they are good enough for me..

    So i guess you want some pics?
    A couple of thing to point out on the pics.
    For the edges i started with a felt to colour them ,but then changed to thin strips of coloured paper for the wider edges,it also gave a better finish.

    On these pics you can see the start of the many pieces of pipework that i need to add to the model,i have used "twin and earth" cable, using the inner copper wire for the piping,and the outer sleave for the flexi hose.

    the backdrop for the pics is a piece of A4,and ignore the dates,ive not set my cam ...

    anyways thats it for now,and that about 3 days of work on it...
  2. Stev0

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    I'm somewhat of a purist. But I can understand the need to use wire and tubing.

    It would be the limits of imagination and ingenuity that would get one around using non-card/paper product.
  3. okies a bit confussed now ...two comments about being a "purist"...

    the kit instructs you to use copper wire and tubbing ?? just following directions..

    from english instructions:-
    "Wire with thickness given in templates"

    they also give a picture diagram of how to remove and use the outer sleaving from a set of in ear headphones for the tubing.
  4. Mousemuffins1

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    Don't let the "purists" bother you. While it may be possible to build virtually anything in card or paper, often its just not practical. many kits have reccomendations for using wire in their instructions, mostly because to use anything else would just be a exersise in frustration for most.

    Exellent build by the way, this looks like a very detailed model.
  5. exzealot

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    I understand the purist's approach to card models. But to me, that is only 1 form of the paper model approach. There are many examples of non-paper elements that can add to the realism of the model, and if "realism" is your goal, then anything goes as far as I am concerned. Currently, I am building a mid-sixties formula 1 car, and the model calls for an opaque windshield. But the model is so accurate otherwise that I think it needed a clear cellophane windshield. By substituting paper for cellophane, I probably won't win any trophies, but I do have a more realistic model; and I am happy with that. Wire is very common in commercial paper models. Plastic canopies is another solution from the limitations of paper.

    Just as there are purists, there are also people who believe that the whole purpose of building models is to "replicate" the real subject at a smaller scale, and the more accurate the detail and replication, the better the model. If chewing gum can be used, then start chewing... But that is just another opinion.

    BTW, your model looks very precise and clean - nice job!

  6. update

    well i'm back for a little update...

    after finishing of the rear frame i then moved onto the gearbox,i had to do the gearbox twice as the first went wrong during building,,

    gearbox pics ...

    once completed the gearbox is then glued into the rear frame..(added a scale cube for reference)

    taking photos has never been my thing , so sorry for the quality...

    be back in a few days with more..
  7. update

    ello folks , just a quick update on this,..

    no photo's yet,had to remake a couple of parts and also re design one of the parts that was still to small for me after a rescale..

    will be back with a photo update in a couple of days..

    laters all

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