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    I've been busy for several months with my research project and school business...but I've had a few chances in the last few days to get some REAL work in...on the railroad!

    Currently this is a C&S route, as I the track crew had old 75lb rail to use and nice ties from the Kappler Mill. Ultimately, most of the efforts will be towards the DSP&P, but the track gang wants to use up the old stock before the budget allows for lighter rail and more authentic 1884 ties. Previously, the gang laid around 4 feet of mainline and around 3 feet of siding. More work was needed as the roster exceeds the total track available to store it...let alone haul a train!

    The crew set out around 9:30 with a C&S flatcar, a C&S caboose, a D&RGW drop bottom gondola, and Brooks Mogul #22. The crew chose to wear suites that made them invisible as they're a little camera shy. The foreman watched from business car 911 and another C&S caboose that's still undergoing some work. The Foreman's wifey arrived around 10:20, so the days work ended.

    The construction methods used are cork roadbed liquid nailed to foam. The ties are then white glued to the roadbed. The ties are painted floquil tie brown. The rail is painted rail brown. The rail is spiked down using special tools, who's origins are unknown. The existing turnout is a stub switch built by seeing where the two tracks cross and forming the frog at the intersection of the inside rails. The gauge of the lead rails is held by a styrene bar...grandt I think.

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    I opened boxes recently that I stored in the attic on the off chance that my frustration levels would go down and begin modeling again. There are soooo many goodies I squirreled away... hehe! I am starting again but at this point I will only do a few kits and such, as I plan to relocate from this cold Massachusetts and go where the sun shines and my arthritis is less bothersome. Be well

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    Sluggs, what sorts of goodies did you find?

    I made the switch from HOn3 to On3 around 5 years ago...HOn3 was just too small for me. My dad had a bunch of goodies awaiting me...
    an unbuilt Don Winter DSP&P waycar (which I've copied the running gear parts for my scratch built version). He also has an unbuilt gondola, two station kits, nice metal wheelsets, extra trucks, track gauges, ties, 2' of track, a finished 0-4-0t, 5 completed cars, and 1 nearly completed car. It was a real help in getting me going prior to completing my stock car.

    An awful lot of great items have been offered over the years.

    I'm planning on moving within 1-2.5 years...probably far, far I'm not building a permanent layout. I understand what you mean about not building everything prior to moving...especially with the small, breakable details on Grandt Line kits. My DSP&P cars didn't have delicate it makes it a little easier for me to move them around. The biggest drag on my assembly line is that the trucks and couplers will cost me $20 per car...unless I scratch build the trucks (which I will attempt). I'm going to use Link & Pins.
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    I have a couple of Kemtron kits, On3, c-16 and 0-6-0T, one each of all the Russian River car kits, some LaBelle passenger kits, Grandt Porters and work goose, PSC stuff like logging disconnects etc, etc. This squirrel had full cheeks..... hehehe. On a serious note, until I get corneal transplants I cannot build some of these items. You said "move far away" does that mean the west coast or Hawaii? Talk to you soon, be safe.

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    Sluggs, that is the mother load!

    I debated very carefully between PSC's C-16 parts (to scratch build a DSP&P Baldwin 2-8-0) and getting my mogul. I love the PSC/Kemtron stuff....except their trucks. Those Grandt kits will be a ton of fun...I've thought long and hard about the work goose before...but it is 50yrs after my the money'd be better spent on the Class 56 2-8-0 parts. I've never built any of the LaBelle kits...I've considered kit bashing DSP&P cars out of them...but so far my passenger car work has been from scratch in plastic.

    Once I finish school...I don't know where I'll be. I love Cincinnati...but I've always wanted to spend a couple years in Europe. I'd then just have to go to which ever university would be hiring young faculty.

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