"renault r-17" 1/25 .....or is it

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    this is a r-17 from a company called technikos virtuozas its a nice model its not up to the standard of gpms which comes as a "drasine kit but gpms is highly complex and would/will take months to assemble
    is quite cheap it also has the most extensive history of any model kit 3 pages in all........BUT
    it has a number of details that are not typical to the tank in qestion but these details dont seem accidental going by the models detail making me belive that it may be based on one of the r-17 clones produced my many countries otherwise a nice kit of this little tank a few parts could do with being printed on to thin paper(axels,gun,springs) to allow nice neat tubes

    overall a nice little kit from an ebay seller (search "technikos virtuozas"):thumb:

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  2. Lapinas

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    Hi :wave:,
    This model from my country - Lithuania :mrgreen:. I have this Renault too.

    Anyway I am sad, because "Technikos Virtuozas" is "dead" :cry: now. But i hope T.V. will reborn.

    P.S. I hope you understand my english :mrgreen:
  3. charliec

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    Lithuania purchased 12? FT-17 tanks in 1923 so the model may represent one of these. The FT-17 was produced in huge numbers (for the time) - there were a lot of variations in the production models so it's often difficult to determine whether a feature was in the original tank or added during rebuilding/maintenance. The Lithuanian FT-17s served until the Russians invaded in 1940.


  4. Lapinas

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    Hey, everyone :), yesterday I completed this model (Renault R-17FT). Check this link, if you want to see my model ;)

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