"Remove Before Flight" Streamers

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    Here's a detail I don't often see on paper models (or plastic models, for that matter), but one that adds realism.

    I borrowed and photographed these at our hangar and turned them into paper model accessories. Download them, print them at whatever scale you need on 20-lb paper, fold, glue, and trim. Then check photos of real aircraft to figure out where they should go.

    The ones I found on light aircraft varied from 12" to 16" in length. Maybe some of you Naval Aviation or Air Force folks can tell us how long they should be and where they hang on modern military aircraft.

    No worries,
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    You left out the T-shirt<G>
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    Well, if you insist.
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    In a previous life, (PP Models) we printed THOUSANDS of these in 1:72 and 1:48 scale.! They were one of our best selling lines!

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    I can't speak for any other Air force asset other than a C-130, but we use the streamers you pictured (except for the last style with the \| bottom).
    There should be one peeking out from the nose gear wheel well, right next to the strut. Just a little of it would be visable with a normal length streamer. that's for the nose gear pin. There may also be streamers off of each engine intake plug, and depending on the style, if they have extension and small plug for the oil cooler intake, they will also have a streamer. The small intake on the left forward upper wheel well fairing will have a streamer if they installed the Air Turbine Motor intake plug. They are rare, but on E models you'll sometimes find a plug/streamer in the Gas Turbine Compressor exhaust (the oval hole in the forward left lower wheel well fairing). The nose may have 2 streamers, on both sides under the windows for the pitot tube covers. The right side may have a plug/streamer in the forward nose section for the flight deck air conditioner intake plug, and also the small intake in the right forward wheel well fairing for the cargo compartment air conditioner. Like the GTC exhaust plug, the cargo compartment exhaust may have a plug/streamer, but they are rare. That would be the small oval on the right side forward wheel well fairing. The forward left side nose, and right side rear (just in front of the right side paratroop door) will have ground wires installed with streamers also. About rare as rare can be are turbine plugs. IF you find a set installed, they will have streamers.
    The only other stuff I can even think of on a Herk that has streamers is small stuff like gust locks for the flight controls, but they aren't normally installed. Some other small equipment that isn't normally used may have streamers... and I've even known a flight engineer to upset a crew chief and have one installed on him!!! :oops:

    Sorry for the novel. Maybe someone will be able to use some of that in a project.

    The original post also asked how long the streamers are, and I forgot to answer that. Um, it depends! I've not seen any 12" or even 16". Most are at least 20"... sometimes probably closer to 24-26"! From what I understand, ours are cut from a roll that is repeat printed every so often. The ends are just cut square |_| and the length depends on how many times they fold the material before they punch the brass grommet through.
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    Now this is what I need right now!!! :-D

    Thanks a bunch!!!
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    I have a few that a friend who works on F-111's gave me. They are not the normal RBF flags though, they are the ones used on live ordanance.

    455mm long, 55mm wide with 25mm Bold silver writing 'REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT'. No clips on them though as they reuse those, just a silver eyelet at one end.


    EDIT: Forgot to mention, unlike sakrisons great RBF's, the ones I have are cut straight on both ends, no angle cuts.
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    Maybe we can ask sakrison to make up these for ordinance as well. This is going to come in so handy :-D

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    Howdy Guys,

    I have been using these little streamers for a long time on my plastic models. They do add some realism in my opinion. Originally I was printing them off on my computer onto decal paper, but now, I have resorted to using small strips of red decals from my "leftovers box".
    Below is the only aircraft I photos of with them on it, its a B57 Canberra Medium Bomber:
    As for pitot tubes and antennae, I use the wire from "tie twist" found on bread wrappers. I burn off the paper or plastic insulation and then paint as needed.

    I hope this is useful to someone as well.

    Have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
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    I'll do it this weekend. Having dimensions will help.
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