Remotoring Tyco?

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  1. As some might have Read on G/O/S board, I pulled a bunch of old Lionel stuff out of my parent's attic.

    At the same time, I recovered small parts of my old Tyco Train sets, including a Santa Fe Warbonnet F-Unit, and one of the Bicentenial Engines. Both units had the trucks hanging down and missing parts, but the shells are still in good shape.

    Are there other, more reliable motors these shells will fit over?

    Both units are Tyco/Mantua.

    The F-Unit is an F9-A Santa Fe passenger:

    The Bicentennial looksa like this:

    This are 'like-new' pics, while mine are in much sadder shape.
  2. shaygetz

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    Tyco used to put out models like the Bicentennial U-boat that no one else would make outside of brass. Often they would be modified to fit an Athearn frame. The same for the F unit. Any remotoring of the original frame and drive would be a tall order considering the power truck drive system they used. Sorry to say that nowadaze such projects are more and more financially impractical with what is available readymade on the market today.

    Old paint schemes like the Bicentennial or Auto-Train are worth rescuing if they are in good shape for sentimental or nostalgia reasons. I, at one time, owned an AHM Seaboard Coast Line Bicentennial U-boat that was pristine, never run, in a flawless box that fetched (drum roll please) $18 recently. Apart from brass locos and FSM kits, there really is very little truly valuable "antique" HO.
  3. Thanks, I think?

    It sounds like there is nothing 'modern' I could put the shells over (especially the Bicentennial unit). I'm not looking to sell them, just get them operational again for nostalgic value. They were used and abused when I was 6 years old :p

    If this is impossibly, then I'll have to store them somewhere
  4. shaygetz

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    You could still go to Ebay and look for an older Athearn U-boat or F unit. Because you'd only want the mech, you could buy other's painting mistakes and save a bundle. That's the way I do it for my remotor projects. I just bookmark my own searches and inside of a month or two will usually have what I want. Having your own piece of "ancient" history pulling yard duty or heading up a freight is a kick, especially in a club or show setting.
  5. Ray Marinaccio

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    If you decide to restore the original drives, a little hunting around at shows and swap meets may turn up parts or a junker as a parts doner.
    Keep in mind there were a few different drives under them. There are 5 different ones for the F units. and 2 for the C430. These include the Tyco/Mantua metal motor truck worm drives,Two different mount styles, two Tyco plastic motor truck worm drives. one from Austria , one from Hong-Kong and the pancake motored spur gear drive from Hong- Kong.
    Have you checked out the "Tyco collectors resourse" site?
    I've got one of the bicentenial C430s with the Tyco/ Mantua drives that I'm piecing back together, just need a couple sideframes. and at least 2 of each of the F units All pieced together from junkers.
  6. shaygetz

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    Can the Alco fans ever forgive me for refering to one of their own as a GE product? I hang me head in shame and slither off to yonder rock to hide....
  7. My (sad) locos

    This is the Santa FE

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  8. the other (sad) Loco

    and the is the Bicentenial Alco 430

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  9. well your in luck i have a Bicentanial U boat what ever in HO scale not all together though its in parts sorta not to bad can be fixed with a little time or it can be used for parts
  10. Ray Marinaccio

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    Those really aren't in that bad of shape. Ive fixed ones in worse shape. If the motors run the hardest thing will be remounting the head lights. Which can be done by drilling a small hole where the plastic tab broke off and mount the light bracket with a small screw
    From looking at the photos, The only things I see missing is a couple of sideframes and couplers. If you remove the upper part of the motor mount from the C430 shell it will snap right back on to the bottom part, that's the easiest way to do it.
    If the one Traimmasta has isn't the new version then let me know, I have a sideframe for the C430.
    As for the F unit I'm looking for a couple of those sideframes myself.
    The couplers can be replaced with Athearn couplers(I'm sure a number of us HOers will send you a handfull of if you ask) and bushings from KD #20 series couplers.

    If the loco you have is the old style and SS doesn't need it, I would be interested in it for parts.
  11. well i have F unit side frames i have a crap load of parts that im trying to sell in the forum "buy and sell" i have the Bi what ever it is the exact oen SS has but in MUCH better shape fram truck wise
  12. shaygetz

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    Are you still looking to repair these locomotives? If so, a recent box lot I've aquired had these parts in it. If you're interested, drop me an email or pm. To the left is a power truck for the Alco and to the right is the complete running gear for the F unit. I can't tell if they're drop in replacements but they should do the trick. Both are in very good condition needing only cleaning and a new coupler on the Alco truck.

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