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  1. Davemc

    Davemc Member

    I am trying to learn all I can befor picking and buying my MT,
    What is the diferance from a 3 chanel and 2 chanel Remote?
  2. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    A three channel transmitter gives you proportional throttle, steering and a two position switch (usually for controlling a reverse servo). A two channel transmitter gives you proportional steering and throttle control.
  3. Davemc

    Davemc Member

    So the channel is basicly somthing else that the transmitter will do,

    I have been looking at the MTs on Ebay and the Cheeper ones have a 2 Channel, and the T-Maxx has 3 channel, Does that meen all the other Trucks are lacking Reverse?
  4. no, that means that since the T-Maxx is a nitro, the third channel controls the reverse throttle. and the others are two channel because one is steering and the other controls forward and reverse.
  5. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Not quite but for the most part you are right. Although, for instance, the kyosho beetle has a reverse but no brakes since moving the throttle backwards (toward the brake) will throw the vehicle into reverse. I cant say that it is a good idea but it is reverse on a two channel transmitter
  6. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    i believe the third channel conrtols the shifting of the tranny to go into reverse.what rokn82 is talking about is an electric mehcanical speed control where the servo ultimatly reverses the polarity of the motor wires and spins the motor in the opposite direction.
  7. jlmoreno911

    jlmoreno911 Member

    Timrock...yes it controls the tranny.

    The quote was taken from the following link, explaining how it works.

    "Forward/Reverse 2-Speed Transmission
    T-Maxx’s fully enclosed transmission features 2-speeds forward and 2-speeds reverse with a speed-sensitive reverse lockout. It provides racing-truck acceleration in low gear and 40+mph top speeds in high gear. Shifting is hard, fast, and automatic with an adjustable shift point! Just push a button on the TQ-3 transmitter to shift into reverse. Only the patented T-Maxx design allows full proportional control of throttle and braking, along with 2-speed shifting, in both forward and reverse gears (patent# 6367345).

    Three-Channel Radio System
    T-Maxx includes the TQ-3 pistol grip radio system with two standard servos, and one high-torque servo. Three dedicated channels provide full control over T-Maxx’s throttle/braking, steering, and shifting functions. The TQ-3 delivers up to a quarter-mile range, electronic trim controls, low-battery indicator, servo-reversing, and the exclusive grip-mounted shifter."
  8. jlmoreno911

    jlmoreno911 Member

    On a personal note...I believe the T-Maxx, E-Maxx, and Sports-Maxx are the best Monster Trucks available. They are highly upgradable and look really really cool.

    In case you don't know...

    T-Maxx = Nitro 4x4
    E-Maxx = Electric 4x4
    Sports-Maxx = Nitro 4x2
  9. Davemc

    Davemc Member


    you sound like you are stuck on the T-maxx, Should I not waste money on anything else?
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