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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by ozzy, Dec 17, 2006.

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    ok, i just but in 2 cross overs, one going each way between 2 of my main lines. while i was running the wires it hit me. why do i need a button for each switch? i have 6 switches on my layout so far. the min i need to change directions is 2 at a time . a sidding has 2 switches, and to move from one line to the other takes 2, and if i want to go back it takes 2.

    so i got 6 buttons wired up. one for each switch.

    if i have to change 2 of them to move the train anywhere can i just wire 2 switches to 1 "button" ?

    will this hurt anything? i like the idea of hitting 1 button to change both switches, less to have to keep track of , less to remember what button does
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    Hi ozzy,:wave:
    Wiring two switches together does the following:
    1. Doubles the current, which increased load may cause enough voltage drop so the switches don't throw reliably.:curse:
    2. Increases arcing on the button contacts which will shorten their life and increase the possibility of their sticking closed, causing the coils to burn out.:curse: :curse:

    The solution :) :) :) to this is to use a capacitive discharge unit (CDU) which increases the available amps in a short burst. After the cap discharges the current drops to a minimum level which will not damage the coils even if the button stays closed. This low current also will not cause an arc when the button is released.

    The CDU can have the capacity to throw several switches at once, which can be used to set a route with one press of a button. In conjunction with this scheme, the switch machines can be connected via a diode matrix which allows a switch to be controlled by more than one button for different routings. Search on The-Gauge for "matrix" and you should find more info on this topic. :D enough for now, others may elaborate:thumb:
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    hmmm..............guess i better leave the wiring alone then:D. hate to burn something guess ill just deal with all the "buttons":thumb:

    buttons for switches, buttons for building lights, buttons for street lights, buttons for this and that......i better get to working on a color code or something, sign1
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