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    What's the overall cost of the parts? Also, do you need a 4 channel transmitter to fly this?
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    Looking great! Glad I finally got caught up on this one :) I would be scared as heck to fly it - since my track record with rc planes is 0 for 2.....

    about 30 seconds total flight time between them..... I need to get something smash proof.....
  3. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    the receiver was about 80 dollars, the actuators are about 22 each, the battery was 11, the crystal was 6, the speed controller that I will use, was about 25 but if I change to a brush less motor, will go up to 45 dollars. the motor is on backorder and is 33 dollars. I will be using my 6 channel futaba which I have had for quite some time. The paper was about a dollar....:)
  4. I need a Pin up girl. . .

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    With all the bugging and pestering of you that I have been doing, I am glad that you like it. I have crashed many more planes than succesfully flown but I shant (sp?) give up! The biggest reason that I wanted to do it this way, was that I rarely damaged the "gear" or electronics in a crash, but I always lost all the time in the build of the traditional planes, or the cost of the ARF's or RTF's. So I always pondered, wouldn't it be great to have a scale paper plane that builds quick, is quite cheap and if it does a crash and burn oh well print out a new one. I was in the hospital for most of last year and in my down time I discovered that the electronics prices had come down, the sizes had came down, the motor power and battery life span went up and it just all seemed to work. In theory, it should all be OK, my biggest worry is that at this size, I may need to go to flat wings, under cambered as opposed to the scale look and build from the kits. But, it is experimentation. The gear should all be well protected as the plane won't be going to fast, is reinforced with Carbon fiber and the paper surrounding all the gear should be like crumple zones. So, I am now able to put two of my passions together, cardmodelling and RC. Obviously not all CM's suit RC but I am picking what I think may work...It's been rather fun, and this site, and you all are great mental therapy...It's a lot cheaper than booze and drugs, but not as much fun as chasing women....:)
  5. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    Mark 1984 thanks!
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    A couple of years ago when I saw my friend fly motor power small RC plane, I also thought to make card model plane but dismissed the idea because of heavier density of card.
    Reading what you wrote that electronics sizes had come down and the motor power went up, that really encouraging.
    I am looking forward to seeing your thread.
    But in my case I need to practice flight technique first:mrgreen:
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    Chase women with the plane ;)
  8. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    Its funny that you should mention that! I have a plan for doing a b17 in cardstock, with a color cam in the nose for chasing people and things and remote flying. If the dr1 is promising, I think I will do the fg stipa next, after another dr1 and then the b17 and I can chase women with that!
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    Sweet - that I gotta see on you tube :)
  10. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    I have added control rods and started to install the gear. Pics to come soon, maybe tomorrow. Note, what I display in pics plus battery and bec and aileron actuator (haven't installed yet) is aprox 24 grams. Everything in the pics should be between 18-20 grams. Also note, the motor that I will be using is over weight and underpowered. The one I wan to use is not in stock yet. Also, because I want to continue with the build, I am not adding the aileron control. If I have a successfull flight, or at least promising enough, I will definetly build another with the aileron and the correct motoer, even if I have to order direct form gasparin. So far it seems promising. The neat thing is if it works, you can invest in the gear and build an inexpensive plane. If you crash beyond repair, 2 bucks and you rebuild. I really don't see the gear being damaged, tho that is possible. . .
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    I have all the guts from a couple crashed planes - nothing light enough I dont think but might be worth a looksy if I can dig it out :)
  12. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    Remote control continued. . .

    Pics more pics. . .
    Here is a pic of the motor installation:

    Head on motor shot:

    Here I have the mostly completed model with gear installed, minus the battery and bec and am starting to balance:

    I needed to actually add weight to the tail, so I mounted the actuators underneath:

    A closeup of the hinging, using tape:

    A closeup of rudder control:

    Side view with wing temp installed, and starting to balance:

    Battery access compartment and motor access:

    For this model I am putting the receiver in the cockpit for balance purposes. In future dr1's I will build it into the plane as I go, if this flys.
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    Only 18-20 grams, Light!! Mind telling how long the wing span and perhaps you constructed it with less frames and ribs?
  14. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    The wing span of the upper wing is approx 21.71 cm or about 8.5 inches. (measured from the pdf file with the measure tool) of the sero model DR1. Actually it is built as designed, I used different weight card stock and paper, and i strengthened areas with Carbon fiber sheet and rod. The model as you see it in this last set of pics, on my scale hovers between 18-20 grams, depending on which way I put the model on the scale and if I breath or not....:) I am using the higher weights, but I believe the weight to be currently approx 19.3. My scale is not very exact. I was hoping for a new one for my birthday, but unless I buy myself my presents, I don't get any.
    (I HOPE THE WIFE DOES SEE THIS!)announce1:confused:wall1:p
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    Thanks a lot because I did want to know approx weight per unit area of wing so that it can be applied to other plane's case.

    Seems in all countries wives are the same:twisted: Hope your wish does not end up in vain:mrgreen: Ufufufu...
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    Looking great! I keep forgetting how small the thing is :) I cant wait to see this thing fly :)
  17. I need a Pin up girl. . .

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    Thanks! Ir has been a fun project. I don't know about fly, but I will accept a controlled crash....:) I am giving up hope on getting the motor that I want, so therefore no aileron control and it will be underpowered, but I believe acceptable. So, I do hope that withing the next two weeks, I will video the test flight/crash. Question, can video be uploaded? I can create in any format and in small file sizes. If not, I believe that I can leave it at a server at work, would a link work? If not, I suppose I could e-mail to anyone that would request.
    Note: I was checking the surfaces last night, it will turn stronger left handed turn than right, because I screwed up the measuring and the rudder deflection is strong on the left. The up and down is great, I hope the up won't throw it into a stall, as with the actuators , there is no variance like a servo. If these limitations cause issue in flight, adding microinvents servo actuators would help, they would add about 3 grams to the weight, including an aileron control. Also, I would definitely need the stronger motor. I believe that if I need the stronger motor, I have enough room to go with one of the micro brush less one that are out there. If I do that, I may be able to actually use a more scale propeller for rise off the ground performance. If the airfoil isn't;t messed up and etc...if if if...I really am counting on a crash, but hopping for flight!:twisted:
    I shall never give up until I make a mostly card/paper model fly!wall1
    Thanks again for the support and this website!
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    If you cant host it here cause its too big I am sure someone can help you out (including me depending on size)
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    I can host it, I've got some spare web space, as long as it not more than about 8 Meg. You can hot link from here.

  20. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    cgutzmer, mark_1984
    thanks! It seems that this may be fun! Even it crashes. Anyhoo, it won't be long now. Basically I have to add the battery and I am toying with the idea of an on off switch, I need to solder the wires to the rest of the gear. If i get time this weekend, if not, hopefully next! I just printed out two diffrent versions of the dr1 from Sero, I am confident that there will be enough of a success to go to a second better build correct the mistakes I had with this one...The next one I believe will be the version flown by ltnt ernst udet, as reported on the sero website. . .

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