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    On November 11th, 1918, at 11:00 AM (The 11th Hour, of The 11th Day of The 11th Month), an armistice was signed between Germany and the allied forces of France, Great Britain (and it's commonwealth nations Including Australia, Canada and New Zealand, among others) and the United States, as well as many others, bringing a close to, what was up to then, the bloodiest war, mankind had ever seen and which was called, for many years, "The War To End All Wars".
    Since then, our servicemen and servicewomen have continued to Go Forward, on many occasions to Stand Up and fight for the rights and freedoms which we hold so dear.
    This November 11th we will, as we have for so many years in the past, honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, so that we can all enjoy those rights and freedoms.
    Here in Canada, we call that day "Rememberance Day and in the United States, it is called Veteran's Day.
    This November 11th, I hope that you can all find time to give 1 minute of silence at 11:00 AM local time to honor those who have fallen, those who survived and those who continue to serve their country, in order to ensure that we can all continue to enjoy those rights and freedoms.
    May we all enjoy many peacefull and happy years of model railroading in the the future.
    Happy Modeling and Cheers!

    Terry Moore

    The Kettle Valley Railway Lives on!
  2. Amen, Terry. Well said! :)
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    Thanks for reminding us that all those little things...peaceful times spent with friends & family, doing things we enjoy...being able to go where we want, do what we want, say what we want...those things have come at such a high price to so many, who have put their lives on the line for our rights & freedoms.
    God bless them.
    God bless us all.
    Never Forget.
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    Thanks for putting into words what we all feel.Thank you to all the service men and women past and present.
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    In Australia we call this Armistace Day. We also honour those who have paid the ultimate price to preserve freedom with 1 minute's silence at 11am on 11/11.
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    What more can be said but "Thanks"?
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    One way we can offer our thanks to all those who have sacrificed so much.....

    Is to not rush into any unnecessary wars that will kill even more people.

    Bill S
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