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  1. Retired_for_now

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    There were the flying "dime" models on the back of the cereal boxes (I refuse to say when). The P-40 was (and still is) the best of the bunch. A few are still out there for seasoned "Google-nauts."

    Modern era - got started again with the simple NASA shuttle glider while looking for fun stunt fliers for the straw rocket launcher (see under misc downloads for the launcher). Followed that up with a half-sized Fiddler's Green Cub (20lb bond paper) with a straw up its back side (a pretty good flier, too).

  2. sidewinder81777

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    Mine was Ojimak's SU-47 Berkut about 4 months ago
  3. greenelf1967

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    Mine was the Wicked Wench from the brilliant disney experience website, had to make it twice because the first one came out terrible, suppose it was a bit hard for a first model!!
  4. aphelion16

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    I believe my first paper model was the Navy dirigible, USS Macon. This was back in the late 1960's. I do not recall who made it. But it was decades before the internet. As I recall I did an awful job, and it ended up in the trash when we moved along with my Shell Oil lunar module that I wish I had kept.
  5. Cyana

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    Douglas X3 Stiletto from GELI. I was 5 years old ;)
  6. armchair

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    Well, I am old too so it would have been a cereal box. Most of them were tab and slot so no glue required. A modern day version is the fold-up display often used to promote products. I assembled a bunch of them at Toys-R-Us for video releases on Tuesdays.

    Armchair aka Glen of Yuma


    An elaborate television studio theater, to promote the Mary Martin, production of Peter Pan on Producers Showcase in 1954. It was a large T&S diecut with figures that could be moved around by a magnetic wand under the stage. There were four scenes, two in color, two in B&W. It also included scenes for Tom Corbett and Sky King.

    My next kit was a Mickey Mouse Club Magic Set, another very elaborate T&S.
    My first Glued model was Chip's free Jaws, followed by a large figure of Queen Elizabeth the first from the Tower of London, a T&S that I had to built with glue and the ABC figure of Pope John II .
  8. edoubledubya

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  9. -Jim G

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    This is a fun thread.

    I had a picture of a Cessna L-19 as the desktop backdrop on my computer at work.

    I knew of a site on the internet that offered the FG L-19 as a freebie (When I found it I thought "how good can that be - they are giving it away free, and it is made of paper).

    When a coworker told me that his Dad flew L-19s in Vietnam, I went to that site, downloaded the model, printed it and dropped it off at my coworker's desk. I was stunned when my coworker built it.

    So my first model was a Fiddlers Green L-19, followed by the free FG J3 Cub. And now it is my addiction.
  10. Erik J

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    How I got addicted

    The first or second issue of Scale Modeler magazine had a picture of a card model Me-109 and an address for John Hathaway, who imported them. This was about 1965. Well, that pic got me all fired up, so I sent for a few of them and started building. I was hooked! First was said Me-109, followed by the Wilhelmshaven FW-190 (really bad colors), the Ar-196, and then the F4B Phantom II. More followed until Hathaway sort of disappeared and then PMI appeared. The cost was so low I went nuts and sent for a lot of them. Yeah, most of them are still on my unbuilt pile. You too? Hmmm.

    I still have the built F4 and Ar-96 in slightly dented condition, and fortunately almost all of those early models are still available should I decide to relive the past and do them like they should be done.

    I graduated to designing them with several freebies posted on a number of sites (i.e. DFS-230, Star Trek 1701D, and Tiger tank) and am working on a detailed 1:33 He-115 & Me-264 for eventual commercial release. How does one balance time between design and construction?

    I really do think this is a very rewarding hobby and it's open to anyone who delights in handcrafting beautiful models and creating new ones.

    - Erik
  11. racc00n

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    My first paper model

    I must have been about 6 or 8 (I'm 63 now, so it has been a while!) my dad and I put together a paper model of the USS United States liner. A number of years after that, I built a paper Boeing 707, which, with a length of string attached to one wing, could actually be flown in a circle. I also remember having, at some point in time, a punch-out paper model of the Flying A gas Pegasus horse which was a glider. Now I've come full circle, and have been building paper models for the past several years.
  12. I don't remember exactly the age, but probably 8-9 years old. I built a Fokker DrI. The triplane of the Red Baron.

    It was a very simple kit. No more than 20 pieces in all. Two cardstock pages. And I don't recall if it was at scale. Probably yes, maybe 1:24.

    I remember I built it in a matter of minutes. I really loved that plane!!!! And it actually glided a little in the air. That Red Baron triplane was lovely.

    Despite being so simple and easy I found it was the perfect beginning. The way it was designed was wonderful because it wasn't as challenging as to make a kid quit, and the end result was nice (it looked more than just a toy).
    A very good beginner's model. :thumb: I have never seen it again. And I actually would love to build it again. I even remember how some of the parts were developed.

    After that, the second model was a Formula 1 car that Renault dealers gave as gift. Now that I'm older and know a little about F1, I know it was the Williams FW11 that Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet drove in 1986-87. Again,it was a very simple model (no more than 20-25 pieces and the wheels were fixed (didn't turned). But the result was impressive for a kid :mrgreen:

    I'm so sorry that no pictures of those models exist. They were a wonderful part of my childhood.
  13. named50

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    Very fist model I have built perhaps was a columbia space shuttle, a bonus from a magazine, to complete this you must buy 4 or 5 edition consecutively. I was at 10 or so at that time.

    Still until today I am still looking for a good model of space shuttle :D
  14. smelter273

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    I only finished my first model about 5-6 months ago which happened to be a Madcat.
  15. irjvik

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    My first papercraft

    A French paper model kit, Coucy's Castle from Ingenia.
    I was 7-8 years old.


    Alas, this picture is not mine, the papercraft was taking too much space in my room, and I threw it away wall1

    Now the French publisher, Ingenia, closed its doors long ago, this model paper is now almost impossible to find.
  16. I remember in grade school they would give us cutouts to make little Easter baskets that we could colour and the teacher would put chocolate in it afterwards. I wish they still did that in University.

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