remember your first?

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    cant beat that for scale CaptMike:thumb:still looks good
  2. Jim Nunn

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    Some ware around 1962 I was building Wilhelmshavener ships and some aircraft. The ships were large, over a meter long and the cost was very low $4 or $5 would get you the Bismarck, I still have the Large Page format Gneisenau with a price tag of $6.98. For those of you who have been around awhile I used to go down to PMI on San Pedro California and purchase them from Mr. Hathaway. When my supply of models diminished, and I could not find a source for paper models I had to stop building them. I reverted back to plastics, Poacher cars, and plank on frame wood model ships. With the advent of the internet paper models were again available and I was off and building again.

    Jim Nunn
  3. yaniv

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    my first card model was somewer in 1989+- it wash one from the IAF MAG
  4. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    Uhm, my first and only so far, Blizzaia Front Mission Mecha, I only built it about two weeks ago XD
  5. scon10

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    My first one was a model of the Dutch freighter MV Ouwerkerk of the VNS, a model published by Veritas in the 1950's, scale 1: 350. I still remember my infinite wonder, that a three-dimensional object could be transformed into strange shapes onto a two dimensional surface, which could then as if by magic be rebuilt in three-dimensions. I still am in awe of this miracle. And I never stopped building card models apart from a standstill during my busy working years.
    The picture is of the same model, bought as a replica from Scaldis. An original cardmodel would be priceless, and unbuildable, because the card would be stiff and brittle

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  6. Dyna-Soar

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    Mine was the Delta 7 studios Mercury Redstone

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    this is a great thread everybody keep reminissing:thumb:
  8. gregh

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    First was space vehicles for and with the older grandson. Modular Space toys built from "cubes", Sturdy well designed. Then space shuttles, progressed to planes, ships, fish,buildings, etc.
  9. Mine was a 4' Titanic by Alan Rose back in 1980. I got it on sale for $4.48 marked down from $8.95. I still have her in my office.. I have had to make a few repairs over the years and if I had it to do over of cousre I would do it differently. But overall it was a very nice model for the time.
  10. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    I can see the FG Cub is one of the most popular "first builds" ^O^
  11. KCStephens

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    I'd agree with you there.....
    It's all Chips fault!!! sign1

    I'm sure many people have taken this one on as their first build - Even Jonny! It looks as good as all of his other stuff who would ever think that this was his first! What a talent! - Wonderful work!
  12. the4ce

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    My first paper model made on a computer(I think it was a computer) was USS Enterprise when I had ~8 years. I have bought it from a library :) and my first model made by me with my own hands with no computer was a tank I think when I had ~6-7 years:mrgreen:
  13. zachy

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    I am old so I can remember building the Wheaties box models. I got back into it in 2000 with Fiddlersgreen models. Now I'm addicted and have even designed my own. Work, build and play with the dogs is about all I do now. Does anyone have an interest in building my Sopwith 1 1/2 strutter? I can send it to you. Zachy
  14. cbg

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    Fiddler's Green Gee Bee Sportster was my first. . .


    It now belongs to my nephew. FG is one of the best places for newbies to start, in my opinion.

  15. gregh

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    this is the link to my first - oldest grandson was into "spacecraft" at the time. Modular Space Toys MODULAR SPACE TOYS
    easy to build and re-color
  16. Gainer

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    Remember my first card model? Yes, unfortunately. :p
  17. JonUK

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    First Paper Model

    My first model was a Pin Tumbler Lock with three pins complete with Key - came in a set of models in a pack from "Take Nobodys Word for it" A kids science program presented by Carol Vorderman in 1989 - I sent off for it when I was about 12 and never got around to making any of them until I started getting interested in Locksmithing about 3 years ago!

    It was a lovely little model and I made a lock pick and tension wrench (out of paper too, natch!) to go with it!
  18. I believe my first model was a simple one: The tank from Paper Toys. My dad gave me the link to Paper Toys and that's how it all started...
  19. john wagenseil

    john wagenseil New Member

    In the early 1970's, a WWI Emdem, by Wilhelmshaven. I bought it at either Berkeley Hardware or Jeffrey's Toys. That was when the DM was not worth much compared to the dollar and German paper models were a bargain.
    It was a tricky build for a first time paper model, but it turned out OK. It was recognized as Emden by a visitor who walked by my open dorm room door.
    Then there was a thirty year period doing plastic models and the occasional wooden ship model, until I stumbled the PMI catalogue and then Chip's site and got bitten again.
    My unbuilt plastic models went on EBay (check your old unbuilt plastic models, some of them may be quite valuable). I still like wooden ship modeling but there is a lot of clean up after each building session.
    When I am done with a paper model I can usually find a taker, or leave them around at work and they get "adopted". One was saved from an office move and has been on a former co-workers desk for several years.
  20. paper warrior

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    Back in 3rd grade, my teacher assigned the class to make presentations on any subject we wanted, as well as objects and handouts to aid the demonstration. I walked into class with a two foot wide Fiddler's green B-29 that I had found on the internet, and I suppose I amazed a few kids that it was made of paper. Long story short... I got an A for addiction.

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