Reliable DCC operation?

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Whistleblower, May 30, 2005.

  1. Whistleblower

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    I'm soliciting advice: I just purchased a new DCC system. At first my only (so far) decoder-equipped loco ran pretty rough - jerking, stalling, etc. After I thoroughly cleaned all rails with a Bright Boy, things worked fine. But that raises a question: I haven't yet added scenery, so I can get to all trackage easily to keep it clean - but how do you keep long stretches of hidden trackage clean enough to maintain reliable operation under DCC?
  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Well, there are a few different ways...

    Make sure that all loco and rolling stock wheels are clean. Switch to metal wheels on your rolling stock, as they are less prone to building up gunk.

    There are a variety of cleaner cars that can be run through tunnels and other hidden track. We use a combination of two or three at our modular club meets. Don't use anything abrasive though - it'll clean really nice the first time, but the microscopic scratches will encourage the dirt to build up over time. You can also polish the railhead with metal polish.

    Don't have hidden track...! ;) If you want hidden track, make it hidden with a removable backdrop, or on another level. If the track is truly inaccessible, what will you do in the event of a derailment?

    Also with DCC, you need many more feeders for power than you might with DC. This will in part help overcome the ocasional section of dirty track.

  3. rksstl

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    Good advice Andrew. I found that clean track is the biggest problem, now I tend to run trains more offten to keep the rails clean, or maybe I just use that as an excuse to run my trains more offten, either way it helps. :D
  4. steamhead

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    Hi guys,

    The secret to having clean track, is not to let it get dirty...I've been using a little item I devised for several years now and I'm selling it at a very affordable price on eBay, and it's having a great response from the modelers who've bought it. It's not listed right now as I'm taking a short trip next week and won't be able to tend to sales. But starting on Monday 6/20, it'll be listed again. Search for HO TRACK GUARD, and you'll have the answer to the nasty job of keeping track clean!!
    Mark it on your calendars!!
    Good luck!
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    steamhead i did a search and there waas none there.
  6. Whistleblower

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    Me, too. Maybe he took a longer vacation than he intended? ;)
  7. steamhead

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    Sorry guys...My trip was loooonger than intended. I'll be posting it this evening (6/22) to run through the weekend.
    Thanks for your interest.

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