Rehabbing an old AF transformer

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by TR-Flyer, Dec 8, 2001.

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    Purchased an old American Flyer 15B transformer. Have taken it apart and cleaned it up, cleaned off the case and tightened things up so it doesn't buzz as much. Two things have me puzzled as to how they should be handled.
    1. The circuit breaker wouldn't throw when i bought it, it's the thermal auto-reset type. I have adjusted it, read - bent the internals, so the gap is set a little wider, so it now throws if i short out the posts. My concern is, how much load will it stand, short of having a direct short. Is there a way to test this and refine my adjustment.
    2. The "dead-man" throttle didn't work when i bought it either. My K-Line book is not clear on how this assembly goes back together. It looks to me as if i need to bend up the contact arm assembly so it does not, by default, contact the transformer coils. Then when the deadman throttle is pushed down the contact lever and stud assembly will force the contact arm down onto the transformer coils. I'm assuming in this that the contact lever is supposed to point towards the carbon roller on the contact arm.

    Any help would be appreciated. See what fun y'all are missing by buying all that new stuff!
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    Af transformer rehab

    I suggest you take this question to the yahoo-groups, S-trains group. There are very knowledgable people on that list.
  3. TR-Flyer

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    Thanks Lance. Haven't ever been there but will check it out.
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    Hello TR-Flyer

    First thing that is a 110 watt unit built in 53 , the deadman handle when pushed down into the locked position voltage is applied to the track terminals, even at its lowest position voltage will still be present at the terminals. It is only when you lift up the handle out of its locked position will the voltage not be present at the terminals. Hope this helps you. It operates just as the 17b or a 30b or others similar to these types of transformers made by Gilbert

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