region forums!!!!!!

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by RainSlicked, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. RainSlicked

    RainSlicked New Member

    like.. southwest, no cal, so cal... ETC

    itd be nice to hook up with drifters close by and set up gatherings... thanks!
  2. rcdrifter

    rcdrifter Member

    We are working on getting some regional forums together, they should be up by the end of the week.
  3. !!Canadian Boy!!

    !!Canadian Boy!! New Member

    I personally wouldnt bother, well be getting more members now and there all gunna request there countries own forum, for example Im canadian and on the old forum the had a canaidan forum, there was one post there per month or two. I'd only do it for The states and a couple of others.
  4. rcdrifter

    rcdrifter Member

    Well if we do regional forums most likely they are going to be for section of the us such as eastern, central, west and then asia pacific area and would be nice to at least have a general direction we couldnt do each and every area or the forum would be a mile long :)
  5. elim

    elim New Member

    I suggest we should have Australia

    since there were a few of us who was using the forum to communicate.

  6. mfzero

    mfzero Member

    Regional forums sound like a good idea :!:
  7. Nick S.

    Nick S. Member

    White righting sounds like a good idea to me :) :)
  8. rcdrifter

    rcdrifter Member

    Alright we will start constructing the regional forums over the weekend, and as for the white writing that might actually be a good idea, make it a little easier on the eyes.
  9. Nick S.

    Nick S. Member

    Yeah. :D
  10. rcdrifter

    rcdrifter Member

    Anymore suggestions on regional forums before they are implemented..
  11. Member

    Surely it would be easy enough to let drifters start a topic which is area specific, i.e. under rc drifting/regional drifters/

    This would keep the forum lean
  12. Vertigo

    Vertigo New Member

    me help

    i build sites a lot and i have a few. i mite beable to help
  13. rcdrifter

    rcdrifter Member

    well lets get some ideas, do we want to split these off into regions like north,south,east and west....

    Or do we have enough active users in states to start looking at the active states..
  14. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Member

    IMO: Very few for now. We only have somewhere like 500 members. And only about 10 are active. So i dont think this should in anyway be an issue. As of now i think there should be a "Meet and Greet" Type of topic where you can then have people post their area to meet people. However, for when it gets large, just cover large areas, and then get a lil more specific in the states as most people will come from there. Do things like "Asia" "Austrailia" "Canada" "Europe" "USA - North east" "USA - South East" Ect. Cause doing something like this will take a LOT of low-traffic use, just eating up bandwidth.

    Thats just kinda my view on it all, but its your site...

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