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    hello everybody,

    I have MM's ORP Piorun on top of my unbuilt models pile and every time i look at it, i'm swelling with temptation to grab and build it. The problem is that i am RN fan and none of the N class destroyers were used by RN (save for those served in RAN). As far, as i know, J and K class ships were similar to N except for strange rear turret placement and wartime changes. What i need is a good reference material for these classes. I'm looking for something similar to polish "Profile morskie" publications - they have some operational history, enough drawings to make a decent model (dunno about accuracy though) and also camouflage. That's exactly what i need - drawings (not some vague line drawings) and camo. And preferably at a decent price :oops:
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    Naval Istitute Press 2002
    Author: Christopher Langtree
    $46.95 US - available from and from
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    THAT seems to be exactly what i wanted. Thanks a bunch. Dunno how i managed to miss it, because i have searched amazon for several times. Maybe my head is fitted in the wrong direction :rofl:

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