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Discussion in 'Model History & Reference' started by Eric Ferguson, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Eric Ferguson

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    I was browsing the web and came across this web site. It's the Historical Naval Ships Association. This part of the website is the US Navy Manuals and Documents Online. Buried in there is a seperate page which is the Booklet of General Plans. There is all kinds of information here and the booklet section is all kinds of Naval, Coast Guard and a few British ships. Hope this is of help to anyone interested in naval ships. Have fun browsing. Eric
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    Hey Eric, nice to see you here. I still can't believe those Kodachrome pictures. I didn't post them because I felt like I would be stealing your thunder! Thanks for this link, something new to check out. :)
  3. Eric Ferguson

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    Hey Zathros, don't worry 'bout stealing the thunder... Go ahead and post'em. I have trouble doing things like that. Glad you like the site.
  4. Eric Ferguson

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    BTW, to all, go to the HNSA Ships to Visit. It'll show all the ships this group has under it's wing. From there, there are links to individual ships. Many of those have links to that ship. Many fine views and facts. One of the General Plans booklets is for the lightship Relief. That's one of the ships listed. Been aboard it. Also the Potomac (FDR's Presidential Yacht) and the Liberty Ship Jerimiah O'Brian. In the bay Area, there is a Victory SHip (Red Oak Victory). Unfortuneatly, that ship is not listed.

    One boat there, that would be a great model, would be the USS Albacore in New Hampshire. Friend took me to it a few years ago. An experimental submarine with an X shaped tail, and a rudder on the conning tower. Enjoy!!!!

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