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    So here's the story: Waaaay back in the late '70's and early '80's a buddy of mine and I continually drew our scifi stories. Recently I came across a set of the drawings we had collaborated on and had an idea: What if some studio had actually picked up the ideas and ran with them as a feature movie? So I decided to do a concept drawing of my friend's bad guy race, the Rigellans. Rather than fully redesign the character, I wanted to try and tweak the original design and keep it recognizable as basically the same character. Still a little tweaking to do, but close enough to show. The first pic is a 34 year old drawing by my friend, the second is my redraw.

    You may want to expand the window on the redraw as I have UL a large painting so you could see the detail (scales....I hate scales....)

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  2. Marman

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    Nice re-draw! I could see myself sitting through a movie with art work like that.
  3. zathros

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    Very nice. Everytime I see your work, I want to see a movie of it!.


    Every time I see my work, I want to see it in a movie...It would mean I am making more money... ;)
  5. Famous Dave

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    Are you planning to work the idea(s) into models? Just curious. I think resurrecting your ideas and even expanding on them is a refreshing way to wake up creative juices.
    Before I found this fabulous hobby, I was a modeller of many mediums, but mostly loved science fiction. I spent the better part of 30 years in the gamimg hobby, cuting up miniatures to make new ones based on some artwork I would come across. I loved resurrecting an abandoned project, and deciding to go in a different direction and getting excitied all over again. This hobby affects me in the same way. Thanks for providing the inspiration and entertainment that I have enjoyed.



    IMG_7287.jpg Dale's pic:mod compare.jpg Actually,

    I did that for him last year...
  7. tatertot

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    Very cool have proved to be very talented.
  8. zathros

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    Woow! That's looking really really good! :)


    I got some trolling online when I posted pics, but when you're basing it on one drawing and the best side view you have is the small 3/4 view in the background....

    Anyway, my buddy liked it and approved of the model.

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