Redesigned 1st carrier (circa US Civil War)

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    Hokay, Researched, redesigned, rebuilt model of the first vessel designed as an aircraft carrier, the USS George Washington Parke Custis and her prime mover, the USS Coeur De Lion. (I now know more than I ever wanted to know about Civil War air activity)



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    i had no idea about this subject. very interesting. you did a superb job. the rope in the water really adds depth to the scene.
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    Ah ha! The balloon is an "aerial craft." Pretty cool; never heard of that and I am a Civil War buff and never knew this. Thanks for the lesson!


    My favorite war ship. The George Washington Park Custis is the most under rated ship in navel history. The 1850 coal barge was fitted with a gas generator. and towed to Washington, DC to serve as a base for an observation balloon that watched for rebel troop movements, and the Confederate war ships massed off shore. However with out doing anything the little Curtis saved the Union and changed the course of the war. Rebel warships were watching the capital, but never attacked; here's why. From their mast tops Confederate lookouts could see the flat topped Curtis with her round balloon handling equipment, from several miles off they believed her to be the Monitor. Not aware that the Monitor had sunk while under tow, and no other iron clads had been completed. The Confederate captains wouldn't risk there wooden ships in close combat against a perceived ironclad.

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