redd switches and turnouts

Discussion in 'Model Rail Operations' started by cdg, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. cdg

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    I have two turnouts and two reed switches. I need to know how to wire these so that when my train crosses over one reed switch one turnout will open and one will close at the same time. Then when the train crosses over the other reed switch the two turnouts will switch back to starting position.
    Can anyone tell me how to do this or send me a diagram. Please I really need help here.
  2. theBear

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    I think you will also need a couple of relays with mulitple sets of contacts or a small diode logic matrix in addition to the two reed switches.

    I've never tried automating any of my switches in this manner, however I know that you need a bit more gear than you have.

    Basicly the reed switches cause the relay to activate which in turn can control more than one switch machine coil or motor.
  3. Joepomp

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    Be careful with Reed switches! I have used reed relays and the contacts pit and hang up. Care must be taken to observe contact ratings. A clamping diode across the contacts may help?

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