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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Hans Christian, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Hi guys.

    Well It seems all of NASA's Manned Space Programs (Past, Present & Future)are now immortalized in card models, and most of them are free...

    But I was wondering why there's not much interest in Soviet subjects... Well not because I like them, but a friend of mine who's an officer in a stude organization asked me to make an exhibit after seeing me build a Mercury-Redstone launch vehicle during our breaktime.

    So I thought of making an exhibit featuring the manned space efforts of these 2 nations.

    So far, the easiest of all was NASA's vehicles, because of their popularity. We all know that there are lots of freebie models for every spacecraft of Projects Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, STS, and (courtesy of Sir Ton Noteboom and Sir Jonathan Leslie) CEV.

    The Soviet subjects however, is basically my headache... Not only because there are (somewhat) a few freebies available for them (sadly, I can't buy online yet... buhuhuhu!!!), namely, Sir Lars Folmann's priceless rockets, the repainted Buran STS from the Delta 7 Studio's STS in our forums, The Marscenter & Lansbergen Soyuz Rockets and Marscenter Soyuz TMAs & Progress Ms', sir Yuki Yuji's nice Mir Space Station and Sir Ralph Currell's museum quality N-1, but also because of the secrecy behind the Soviet Space Program...

    So um, I'm really going to need help from everyone here...

    first, does anyone know if there's a card model (even better if its free) of the Following;

    Vostok/Voshkhod space capsules
    Early Soyuz space capsules
    Salyut Space Station series

    And second, the launch vehicles involved in these programs, or better yet, the ones that launched these vehicles...

    And one more thing, if the Delta 7 Studios STS was sucessfully repainted to the Buran STS, would it be possible to repaint the marscenter shuttle to buran?

    Thanks to everyone
  2. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    Just a quick note as I am wasting valuble Drinking Time

    Ralph Currell did a spectacular N-1, something which is amazingly obscure

    and someone else did a few Vostok and Soyuz...Geedubya should be able to source them out

    anyone know what the Coming soon - what could it be? model is?

    Have a great St. Pats...I’m off to lose my ability to function coherently

    John John
  3. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    We appreciate the sacrifice John John

  4. Texman

    Texman Guest

    That's a team player John John, taking one for the team!

  5. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Russian Buran Space Shuttle - Red Space

    Hi Hans Christian,

    That´s a really interesting idea! It wouldn´t be too difficult to do a Buran paint job on the Marscenter shuttle (which in turn is based on the wonderful Raketoplán Atlantis model by Pavel Bestr, at Betexa, in Bro).
    Something similar (but more detailed) to the Columbia paint job, with attention to the correct size and shape of the markings and tile configuration. And of course with the re-arrangement of the main engines.
    Mike Mackowski´s Space In Miniature book #3 (Space shuttle) might be a help in such an undertaking, plus all the pictures and drawings of the Buran floating around in CyberSpace.

    I´m (very slowly) building a combined laser-printed Marscenter - Betexa Raketoplán Atlantis space shuttle in 1:72 + scale at the moment, with a full cockpit interior, additional panel instruments, retractable landing gear and complete payload bay with the Magellan satellite probe.
    And when that is finished (God only knows when that will be - SO many parts) I´m planning to build the entire shuttle stack, laser printed to the same scale (the one by Bill, from Jon Leslie´s site). I´m also considering if I perhaps should install small LED lights in the cockpit... but in that case, I guess my children would have to carry on with the project...

    Real space modelling is fun, though.
    I´ll keep a look-out for the Russian models on your wish list and post anything that I find ASAP!


    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Guys,

    Ok, I had to chime in and reply to this thread. There are several soviet models availible for free download if you know where to look, including the soviets answer to the american L.E.M. (lunar lander).
    Check out this link for several soviet rockets, a launch transporter and the soviet L.E.M.




    You might also check other sites like:

    and Eric truax offers a free SCUD MISSILE which can be made to actually fly using estes type model rocket engines. (The detailing is extra nice on the scud model). You can find his site here:

    Hope this helps, have a good day all,

    Greg aka GEEDUBBYA (GW)

  7. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Thanks to everyone!

    The exhibit is still in the plans, so there's no need to rush, I still have to build & detail the PPSM Saturn 1B after finishing the Mercury Redstone/Atlas & Gemini/Titan Launch vehicles.

    I already have the N-1, Lars Folmann's great Soviet collection & the other Soviet related Launchers, so the only thing missing (I think) will be the ones I listed.

    And I hope somebody will repaint & modify the Marscenter Shuttle to the Buran STS, and also design the Energia Mega-Booster

    Thanks again! I'll show some of what I'm doing when I'm done!
  8. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    BTW, Here's my build list for this exhibit:

    Saturn 1B
    Saturn V
    STSs: (all in their final or current configs)

    Vostok/Voshkhod Launcher
    Lunokhod LEM
    Soyuz Launcher/Capsules (current version)
    Buran (the Delta 7 Studios repaint version)

    P.S., Did anybody tried to repaint the Marscenter Shuttle to represent Enterprise & Pathfinder? :-D

    Thanks again!
  9. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Build List

    Wow, Hans Christian!

    What a list - that will keep you pretty busy for a while!
    You probably already know that some of the older models from PrecisionPaperSpaceModels (T. Johnsons obsolete site) can be found using the WayBack machine on the bottom of the link page at Niels´site.
    If you are thinking about doing an Enterprise repaint job on the Marscenter shuttle (Challenger would probably be the best one to start out with), I recommend Mike Mackowski´s excellent SIM handbook for real space modellers, #3 The Space Shuttle. He describes the Enterprise prototype in great detail and there are large drawings showing the all-white painting scheme, the black nose with the probe, the 'fake' main engines without the cooling lines, the NASA markings, etc.

    Best of luck with your project!
    Bengt :grin:

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  10. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Hehe!!! Yup sir, this is gonna take a while!

    Sir Jon Leslie already sent me all of the files that he saved from the PPSM site, so I think Its no prob anymore.

    Um, I'm still waiting for the Card In space Collection because I'm thinking of depicting NASA's first 3 in 1/48 scale, although I can start with the LHVCC 1/48 scale Saturn V, I'm still confused on how to print it, and our printer can't handle paper sizes larger than the letter/legal size width, so I can't consider resizing (well except for the already released Mercury Redstone & Little Joe)...

    I think the Enterprise Repaint is easier, since its easier to erase Tile detail than making them (did I mention that the black tile pattern on the underbelly is wrong?), and I now have the appropriate fonts for making the names of the orbiters.

    Ok off to building now!
  11. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Card In Space

    Hi again Hans Christian,

    The CardInSpace models are absolutely SUPERB! The fit is outstanding - Michael Urban has invested a tremendous amount of dedicated design work (with the aid of David Weeks and NASA) in these models, which may be the reason for the pace in which they are released.

    BTW, "elpablo" in Vienna ( is currently doing a re-paint of the outer 'skin´of Alan Shepard´s "Freedom 7" MR-3 Mercury capsule. However, I´m not sure as to wether he has got the window right - it was round on the "Freedom 7" and rectangular on the later capsules, for example John Glenn´s "Friendship 7". Refer to this interesting thread (in German) at for a full report:

    The four fins of Michael´s Redstone launch vehicle alone took me two days (and nights) to complete. They are made using an intricate design of small internal formers, and they came out really wonderful. The edges are rounded off and the fit on the rocket body is excellent and the appearance utterly realistic. A fantastic model, indeed!

    Best of luck with that one,
    Bengt :grin:
  12. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Wow! Thanks for the info sir!!!

    If his MR can take an awful lot of time to build, now I'm wondering about how long it will take to finish his upcoming rockets... :-D

    I hope there's a freebie Lunar Rover out there, since it has our country's seal in it... (A filipino named Dr. Eduardo San Juan was the brains behind the LR design...)
  13. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    BTW, I'm Also adding these:

    Skylab (based from Sir Ton Noteboom's Skylab Shroud for the Saturn V, with exterior details furnished from the Ninfinger site How-to drawings for the skylab)


    ISS (Original & Current Revised Versions & Current Construction Phase)

    Scaled Composites Tier One (It would be a injustice to exclude this one :-D )
  14. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    Jleslie's site just posted an absolutely beautiful Energia and Buran yesterday. The Buran's quality and detail, dare I say it, looks to be right between Dr. Fortezza's shuttles and the Delta 7 shuttle -- detailed, but accessible to those of us with normal-sized fingers. :) I also saw the Polyus satellite attached in one of the pics, though it doesn't appear to be available yet.
    After I finish the Saturn SA-5 I've been working on, this'll be my next project. :grin:
  15. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Yeah!!! Leo's Buran really puts one of the missing pieces of the soviet space program in place!!! Also, I saw in his site that he would also make the Vostok capsule available later!!!

    And I'm now eagerly awaiting the "Lost saturns" of Project apollo, and will download ekuth's SA-5 soon!!!
  16. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    What is Leo's site? I've never seen it and would like to, seeing as I've enjoyed very much the Buran model thus far.
  17. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Leo Cherkashyn´s Site

    Hans Christian,

    Yeah, I want to know, too! Could you disclose the web address or give us a link?
    Or perhaps Leo himself - very WELCOME to the Forum, Leo! - could give us his address?

    Hoping for the best,
    Bengt :grin:

    PS. Leo: Many thanks for your wonderful models - they are beautiful designs!
  18. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

  19. clarklfarris

    clarklfarris Member

    Gemini Capsule

    Hi all,

    Are there any free paper models of the Gemini capsule available? I did a cursory search and couldn't find any paper ones only......ugh.......plastic ones!

    Any help would be appreciated.

    BTW during my search I discoverd that at one time the Gemini was considered for the role of lunar lander. In this configuration the capsule and an attached engine section would have landed on the moom directly with its two man crew rather than use a separate lander vehicle as in the Apollo plan. Apparently this approach was abandoned since it would have meant scrapping the work done on the Apollo program. The Gemini "approach" was touted as being less costly, less complex and more "doable".

  20. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Hi Clark,

    Not any FREE Gemini capsules in larger scale, that I know of.
    Delta 7 Studios have of course their line, which you can order at low cost . . .
    Otherwise, you can find smaller Gemini capsules as part of Titan II rocket models, at PrecisionPaperSpaceModels (for example the Gemini-Titan II, at T. Johnson´s old site) or at Jon Leslie´s site - where Ton Noteboom has a very nice Titan II 1:48 scale rocket - here:
    -try Ton´s 1:48 model that says "NOW with better graphics -CLICK HERE!"
    I think it also has a very good building instruction page with colour photos of the assembly process.

    Good hunting!

    Bengt :grin:

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