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    Don't know where else to post this so please feel free to move it :)

    Can someone list all the planes the Red Baron piloted and/or rode in as a scout/bomber? Would make an interesting collection if they are available....
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    Here is a site that lists all of the Red Baron's victories.

    It lists the dates, aircraft he was flying and what aircraft was shot down. etc.

    -Link here-
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    If I remember correctly, Fiddlers Green has a set of Red Baron aircraft...I know of the Dr.1 and an Albatros I believe. I seem to recall five or six different Manfred von [SIZE=-1]Richthofen[/SIZE] aircraft.

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    If you are interested in other Fokker Tri-planes, besides Manfred's. Marcus at Wings of Horus has Lothar's and Raban's available:
    I've built them and they do turn out quite well.
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    Red Barons planes

    Hi cgutzmer,

    on my website you find all triplanes flown by Manfred von Richthofen (and lots of other fokker triplanes) and some Albatros DV.
    Most of the triplanes are available as cardmodel in scale 1:33 and as pdf-file in the same scale.

    Link for Red Barons triplanes:
    (Look at the bottom of the biography-page.)

    You can also find some free downloads: engines, lorries, tents for dioramas.
    In few days I finish the cardmodels DrI 149/17 and DrI 593/17. Udets Crates in Jasta 11 and in Jasta 4.

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    very nice! thanks for the links and info. I also am looking for his earlier planes - the ones he did not dogfight in. He started out in a scout plane and bomber plane before machine guns were mounted on planes. Might need a trip to the library.
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    Thanks! Shows the color schemes quite well :)

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