recommend track for European / German layout?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by tworail, Apr 25, 2006.

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    Hi folks.

    First of all, great forum. It's nice to see 333 people online discussing model railways! So surely someone could point me in the right direction... :thumb:

    Now, there may be other forums where this might be better suited but I thought I would try here first..thanks for any and all responses!

    I have recently acquired a large amount Fleischman / Trix N scale equipment, including a couple start sets, track sets, locos, passenger cars etc etc. I have been contemplating using Fleischmann's proprietary track system 'piccollo' but I have come to the conclusion it is not right for me, for a couple reasons:

    One, prototypical appearance. The turnouts are comparable to a number '4' and that is all they offer. Sadly I would like larger radius turnouts. It appears that the track is code 80 as well. No other code is offered.

    Two, integrated roadbed and ballast. Makes weathering difficult, and if you ever wanted to get rid of the track (as it has a high resale value) no one would buy it stained - which is about all you can do to it.

    Three, costs!! This stuff is expensive! Drug habits are cheaper. A track set with two switches, some curved and straight track is close to $100CAN!! A switch alone retails for $30-35. Far too expensive for me in the long run, and not worth the trade offs mentioned above.

    It is very well constructed and does have its applications though. However I want to be able to lay track in the traditional fashion as well as have complete control on weathering and ballast.

    Now, what would be a suitable track system? I think I could deal with using track modeled on American prototype... not that there are huge differences anyway, from what I gather, and I'm sure visitors to my layout would not call me on it.:D

    Taking a look at Micro Engineering I like the look of the turn outs and flex track, and track is offered in a number of codes and styles and turnout radiuses, with a more prototypical appearance.

    Does anyone have any suggestions other than Micro Engineering? Or perhaps something that would be closer to European prototype. I have briefly taken a look at Peco, but I think being imported they are more expensive than ME.

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    Peco make a fine scale (code 55) track that looks like code 55 on the outside and code 80 where the wheels run. This accepts the older larger flanges that some cars have,
    See if your local shop will let you test a couple of cars on ME track. Pick out the ones with the worst looking wheels. If these run without bumping, everything should be fine.
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    I'm more or less in the same situation as you are, I purchased a Fleischmann N scale digital starter set of the year.
    I agree with you, Fleischmann track are very expensive and the integrated ballast doesn't help.
    I'm starting a mini layout ( 25" X 36 ) using some inexpensive Atlas snaptrack code 80 track and turnouts just to see if it works with the Fleischmann locomotives and guesss what ? it works nicely.
    I soldered all the rail joiners and feed the power at 3 different places of the layout.

    Try it, buy a few track sections , a couple of manual turnouts and you'll be convinced.
    Buy some code 80, I think the code 55 is too small for the flange of Fleischmann rolling stock ( but I might be wrong about that one )

    P.. I have to admit, the Germans make top quality stuff

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