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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by rockislandmike, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    Well, my wife and I borrowed the digital camera from my brother for a while; for much different purposes, of course.

    Both pics are of the switching yard I've been working on; the first is a larger panoramic; the second focuses on the switcher currently operating the yard (ROCK #6675, a Plymouth DDT), with a burnt out hopper in the background.


  2. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Hi Michael,
    Looking good friend, I like the burnt-out car. Looks like N-scale? nice looking bit of scenery too.
  3. roryglasgow

    roryglasgow Active Member

    That's an unusual looking switcher. I don't think I've ever seen one exactly like it. It looks something like a WDT. Is this N-scale? Where did you get it? Who makes it? How does it run?

    Nice effect on the hopper, too. What happened? :)

    Also, that's a nice effect you did on the turnout motors. That color makes them blend in really nicely.

  4. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    HO actually.

    I got the switcher from eBay - no real way to tell who makes it, but I think it's a Plymouth model. It RUNS great, like it was brand new. The only unfortunate part is that the traction tires were totally hardened, and when I was cleaning all the excess lubricant gook, they basically cracked off. I need to get some new ones, but it still works pretty darned well - just has a tendency to spin its wheels b4 it starts moving.

    You may also notice it's warped on the side facing the camera. It's not on the other. I didn't even notice the warped effect until I looked at the picture closer.

    As for the burnt out hopper, there was a derailment, and its contents went kablooie, as can sometimes happen. Blew a hole right through the side (which was actually done using a knife and a hair dyer, and a lot of drybrushed grimy black paint). I'm eventually going to make a small little hobo scene here, huddling around a fire in a barrel (with one of the hobos perched on the side of the hopper). I already have the hobos, I just have to paint them.
  5. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Nice work Michael!
    I have a dummy track at my N scale scrap yard where I can display all my "bad order" equipment.
    I also have a Plymouth switcher that I got on is now painted yellow, & privately owned by the R&L Wrecking Co.
    It has just towed this old yard goat to the scrap yard...

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  6. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    Okay, one more pic and then I'll take it easy for a while, and just post them to my website instead. This is on the second part of the layout, which stretches along the south wall of my office. The engine you see is a HELM Financial repainted F40PH (the first loco I've ever repainted, and relettered, so while it's not great, I think it still looks kewl - the paint scheme is from the Reckless & Veiled Railroad, who in my history went bankrupt, hence the engine came to HELM Financial, and is now leased to Samuel Roper Railtraffic) - the yellow cars are of course Samuel Roper - I have two boxcars and one caboose repainted for them so far.

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  7. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Nice looking paint scheme Michael!
    Also the trailer park there on the edge of the tracks is a really nice touch!
  8. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    Yep, I rather like it too - where else would a trailer park be?? LOL. Also gonna have a barbeque scene in the little area in front of the trailers.
  9. justind

    justind Member

    I noticed the trailer and as an interesting note, about 1 month ago I was driving down by the tracks and they had a trailer like that (only it was a rail car). An interesting looking thing, it was lettered DAYLIGHT something, sorry I can't remember. It was sitting in a siding all by itself, but lights were on inside and several UP work trucks were parked nearby. I figured it was a temporary sleeper of some sort, but I have only seen it that once.
  10. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    Interesting. I bought the pair of trailers, and initially wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with the second one, because my original placement only had room for the one trailer, and the converted caboose. My wife suggested using it as a construction trailer or something like what you said, which intrigued me, and it was in the plans until I relocated the trailer park to where it is now.

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